Should you perhaps install green roofing system?

Benefits of installing a green roofing system Being brought to this blog post, you have probably been considering investing into your roofing system. It has deteriorated well beyond the point of repair, and after consulting and brainstorming, you have decided to have... read more

How to succesfully detect a roof leak

FIX YOUR LEAKY ROOF Unfortunately, your roof can suffer from various types of damage. There can be some broken or missing shingles, moss, mold, algae, ice dams, etc. All of these problems carry different types of solutions and need to be handled differently. While... read more

Inspecting your roof for signs of damage

Learn to prevent roof damage There are only several things in life more important than a roof over the head. The roof is the one that provides us protection when the weather outside is bad, and we need to take care of our roof in order to keep our family protected... read more

Most common roof shapes

MOST POPULAR ROOF SHAPES AND THEIR PROPERTIES Picking the appropriate material is probably the most important aspect of your roof installation process. Knowing which material is the best for you automatically increases the lifespan of your roof and decreases the... read more

Dealing with tree damage on your roof

Trees are one of the prettiest accessories of any house. They can completely transform the overall appearance of your property while allowing you to keep your privacy hidden from the outside. But, trees can be dangerous if you don’t treat them well. If you... read more

Roof Safety Tips

Whether you want to clean your roof, or you’ve noticed something on the roof that needs to be repaired, you shouldn’t do it if you don’t have the right equipment. If you do it without proper equipment, you could endanger your safety. Roof safety... read more

Lightning Strikes And Roof

What can happen to your roof if it gets hit by a lightning? Lightning is a natural phenomenon but it is also very dangerous and a deadly force on the earth. Lightning can make major damage to any roof when striking. It is important to know how to protect your roofing... read more

Bird damage on your roof

How to deal with birds on your roofing system Although they are a lovely sight to see, birds can create major problems to your rooftop. While storms and winds cause their own set of problems, birds can create all sort of different problems on their own. Below we are... read more

Fixing your gutters

Usual issues when it comes to gutters The main goal of your gutter and drain system is getting rid and guiding excess water from your roof to the ground. Clogged, broken or worn out state gutters will more than likely cause problems to your walls, roofing system,... read more

Roof Moss

How to tackle moss on your roofing system? Moss. What is it even? Tiny flowerless plants that usually dwell in thick green clusters or mats in shady and damp places. Many types of moss exist, and while most of them look quite pretty and calm, the moment you spot them... read more

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