Family-Friendly Activities in Arlington, TX

The city of Arlington, located in the Tarrant County, is the town with a seventh largest population in the state of Texas. As such it does not surprise us that it has more than enough entertainment opportunities to offer. Many people focus only on roller coasters, theme parks, and baseball when they first think of fun in Arlington. However, this community has a broad range of other activities and things to do. Many families choose to stop by Arlington on a road trip or want to have a short city break in this town. Arlington is perfect for family trips since it has attractions that are appealing to all age groups, and we at Reilly Roofing and Gutters, the leading roofer contractor in Arlington, Texas, will show you how.
The list of opportunities is endless: spend your day shopping, visit events or enjoying local cuisine. These attractions will entertain both adults and younger ones, so they are family friendly and promise a great time. Traveling with family can sometimes be difficult, but Arlington offers everything you need to keep everyone happy.

Alley Cats

Alley cats will always be open no matter when you decide to visit Arlington. It is the only attraction in the city that is open all year round. Alley Cats is the ultimate entertainment center perfect for organizing a party or simply spending a fun afternoon in. After all, who does not enjoy laser tag and bowling? The attraction also includes a quality food catering and a bar so you can spend the entire day having fun with your family.

Arlington Highlands

It seems like, lately, young people moved hanging out from the school yard to malls. And Arlington perfectly adjusted to that by opening Arlington Highlands. This complex is located at Matlock Road and represents a pure entertainment center. Offering more than twenty eateries and bars, it gathers friends and families and provides them with everything they need to spend a lovely night together. Arlington Highlands also involves more than fifty stores for shopping as well as a movie theatre. With all that entertainment content, it is no wonder that more and more young people spend their evenings there.

Arlington Improv Comedy Theater

If you have children older than 10, then comedy theatre in Arlington might just be an ideal way to spend a night. Arlington Improv Comedy is a stand-up comedy bar that features popular comedians and holds performances regularly. They also host various events such as Holidays parties or birthday parties. If you want to visit this place and have a good laugh, plan your visit and buy tickets ahead. Make sure you pick the performance the entire family will appreciate and, trust us, that is not hard considering how many shows there are.

AT&T Stadium Art Tour

AT and T Stadium became a trademark of Arlington city and a genuine attraction for all visitors. For family visitings, Stadium art tour is the best option combining educational and fun approach. This tour offers you a new outlook and innovatively represents Stadium. You will get to see and explore various areas of the stadium, the ones you could never see otherwise.

Arlington Music Hall

You could have an excellent tour around the city visiting Arlington Art Museum and ending it with Arlington Music Hall that is on the same block. This compelling venue is located in the hear of the city, surrounded by high-quality restaurants and bars. If your family is a fan of music, mainly live music, then Arlington Music Hall might be an excellent evening activity. It annually houses many prominent artists and provides people of all ages with a memorable experience. For more on Arlington, don’t hesitate to contact Reilly Roofing and Gutters, a roof contractor in Arlington, TX.

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