Top 5 Attractions in Arlington, TX

Residents of Arlington city know very well that their town has an abundance of entertainment facilities and opportunities to offer. The best about it is that there is something for all age groups to enjoy which makes family trips much easier. Arlington is a mix of museums, parks, shopping malls and theaters, so there is something for everyone no matter if they are art lover or adrenaline enthusiast! Keep reading this article by Reilly Roofing and Gutters, the best roofers in Arlington, TX, and plan your visit with us.

The Parks Mall

If there is a place for the entire family to enjoy, then it is a shopping mall! Fortunately, Arlington has the Parks Mall that can keep you entertained throughout the whole day. Adults can enjoy a broad offer of outlets and stores while kids can have fun ice skating during winter or watching a movie in the cinema. Once everyone is done for the day, you can rest at one of many eateries at the mall. Lately, The Parks Mall became a place to be for young people since there is always something to do.

Six Flags Over Texas

The most prominent Arlington’s attraction is a park Six Flags Over Texas. This 212-acre park opened its doors in 1961 after a year of construction work. The entire project was possible thanks to Angus Wynne Jr. who made a significant financial investment before the opening. Today, Six Flags Over Texas features various family friendly activities for both residents and tourists. Many events are happening annually such as the Festival Latino when the Hispanic and Latino heritage and identity is praised. This event includes many live music performances by dancers, bands and solo singers as well as fantastic culinary offer. There is also the Fright Fest that takes place on the night of Halloween and Holiday in Park which is a festive holiday event that involves shows and Christmas food offer and contributes to the overall Christmas atmosphere in the city.

River Legacy Park

Nature enthusiasts will probably choose to spend their day in the River Legacy Park. This 1,300-acre green surface follows the Trinity River and represents one of the most significant ecological areas. It promotes biodiversity as it is a home to various animals and plant species. Today, River Legacy Park also offers many activities for families to engage. There are many exhibits and education classes as well as aquariums with animals that habitat in the Park.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

For those who want to enjoy adrenaline on their visit to Arlington, Hurricane Harbor is a must. This attraction is a complex of water parks that originally belong to the Six Flags Over Texas park. It includes many installations such as tube slides or lazy rivers as well as a shopping complex. Hurricane Harbor is an excellent place to be because you can rest and go crazy in one afternoon.

International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame

One of the most interesting things to visit in Arlington is its Bowling museum that exhibits unique bowling artifacts and shows bowling in an entirely innovative way. Hall of Fame takes you through the history of bowling, featuring old photos and videos of legendary players. If you are looking for something new and want to learn about this sport, then the International Bowling Museum is a way to go. Call us today for more info at Reilly Roofing and Gutters, a roofing contractor in Arlington, Texas.

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