Should you consider re-roofing

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When you are replacing a roof, the cost is undoubtedly a pivotal factor. Repairing the roof is cheaper. Have you thought about a shingle over? A shingle over is simply putting new roofing shingles over the existing roof.  It is also referred to as a recover option. Have you weighed the advantages against the disadvantages? Let us delve into whether a shingle over is something you should go for.



A shingle over is cheaper. You do not need to pay for a roof tear off, clean up and disposal of the roof waste material. Labor cost is also lower, as there is no need for tearing of the roof. In fact, a shingle over could cost you even a $1000 less.

Fast job

Unlike a roof replacement, a shingle over is a job that doesn’t take a long time because there is less labor and work involved.

Less debris and damage

With a shingle over, there is a lesser risk of your property being damaged by falling debris. Nails will not find their way to your car’s tires. There will be no dumpster that will scar your lawns or driveway. The best way to determine whether a shingle over is a viable option is to have your roofing contractor walk the roof. This way, he can determine the extent of the decay.



Sometimes, a shingle over is not feasible. For instance, if your roof has multiple layers, rot, mold, curled shingles, deteriorated step flashing, then a shingle over is not the way to go. Even if your roofing contractor recommends it, seek another option. There is a likelihood that he is going for a shingle over so that he can keep coming back for repairs and charging you every time.

Resale value

A recovered roof will reduce your property’s resale value.


A shingle over will last only for a few years (at most). Heat gets trapped into the roof since there are additional layers. The layers act as extra insulation and will ultimately curl and damage your shingles. If there was any unnoticed rot or mold on the original layer, it would definitely affect the longevity of the new layer of shingles.


If you go for a shingle over, you will ultimately need to replace your roof. You will have an additional layer to tear off, resulting in high costs. You will have incurred cost twice: during the shingle over and during replacement.

Roofing issues

With a recovery, your roofing deck is not checked for damage or leakage.

Maintenance and repairs

It is harder to track leaks when there is an extra layer of shingles.


If the old shingles begin to curl or lift, the new shingles will show the defects.

Extra weight

Additional layers of shingles add a lot of extra weight on your roof. This adds stress on your roof’s decking.

All in All

A shingle over is cheaper and faster. Maybe it is a viable option for someone on a budget. But the disadvantages may make you change your mind, and opt for re-roofing. Is it worth lowering your property’s resale value? Or more costs ultimately? If you are still in doubt, feel free to contact your trusted roofing company Reilly Roofing & Gutters in Flower Mound, TX. We are here for you and your roof.

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