Our planet is in the worst state it has ever been in. With high levels of carbon dioxide, ozone and various harmful gasses in the atmosphere, it is entirely logical that the quality of human life will decrease. The situation is alarming. However, the majority of people still does not see the desperate cry for help. Individuals play a significant role in saving the environment, but some are not aware of that. Each act of our behavior can determine how long will we stay here.

Even though we are at the highest point in terms of technology and science, utilizing the discoveries is not going as smooth as it should. In the modern era we live in, numerous sustainable ways of living are perfectly available and are not out of reach but now more than ever possible to implement. While small steps matter, transforming our properties and homes into efficient and eco-friendly buildings will significantly contribute to saving the environment and lowering our bills.

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If you have been wondering what those green layers of vegetation that can be seen on top of the roofs are, then keep reading. According to Reilly Roofing and Gutters, a roof replacement contractor in Denton, TX,  green roofing is an innovative roofing technology that combines the principles of the green and eco-friendly building with technological and scientific development. Green roofing has numerous benefits, and it helps the overall efficiency of your property. Some may argue that it is a financial burden. However, we guarantee you a quick money recoup. You will also help the environment in several ways which we will discuss later.



Its attractive visual appeal is the first thing people notice. Green roof strongly stands out among gray buildings and dull roofs. However, it is not their appearance that makes them so efficient. The green roof has a unique structure that raises its quality beyond the quality of any other roofing option. It has a mechanism based on layers that are interconnected and have to work correctly to achieve the best results.


The base of the roof is covered with a waterproof membrane that protects your exterior and interior of home safe from moisture. The membrane is unbiodegradable, which means it will last you a lifetime. It is protected with fabric that is put underneath the drainage system – the most important part of the roof. Drainage system channels the water away from the base of your roof, and it is protected by another fabric. Fabrics are a must because of the engineered soil that keeps the vegetation on top healthy and fresh providing it with all needed minerals.



Benefits of green roofing are not easy to list because it would simply take us too long. A green roof is stable, safe and long lasting roofing option providing you with protection and prolonging the life of our planet day by day.

Thanks to the structural complexity, the green roof is highly durable. It can withstand and go through various weather conditions. You can expect little to no money spent on the green roof for repairing it. Instead of wasting your money, the green roof will do the opposite – it will make you profit from energy savings. Vegetation on top of your roof will naturally behave as an insulator protecting the inside of your home from heat and cold. Your monthly bills will be much lower because of the lower energy consumption. If you ever decide to list your home finally, you can expect to get more money for it. Buyers appreciate and value the green roof because from a long-term perspective it will make them profit as well.

When it comes to the environment, there is a long list of how green roofing can restore the planet. It reduces the effect of heat island, helps reduce acid rains and lowers the carbon dioxide levels in the air. More important, by installing green roof you will motivate many of your friends, co-workers, family members and neighbors to do the same. Reilly Roofing and Gutters, a roofing company in Irving, TX, claims that it’s most important that you help raise awareness of environmental problems.

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