Benefits of installing a metal roofing system

Metal roofing systems are starting to grow more and more popular in the residential roofing industry. Although they have been a favorite in commercial roofing systems, homeowners across America are just now recognizing it’s full value and the many benefits of installing a metal roofing system.

There are many benefits to deciding to install a metal roofing system on top of your home. The first thing people think of when thinking of metal roofing systems is their durability. As opposed to asphalt roofing systems, metal roofs are almost twice as durable. Meaning that in fifty years, you will have to replace your asphalt roof twice or even thrice on some occasions, while you will only have to replace your metal roof once. The material doesn’t matter; half a century is an approximate value. While steel roofs last up to half a century, aluminum roofs can last up to 70 years, which basically means more money saved for you. Copper can last up to several centuries when maintained properly but is much more expensive to install.

Metal roofs are very popular in areas with a harsh climate. Not only do they deal with hail and snow almost perfectly, but they are also actually specially designed to obstruct the making of ice dams – a common problem in snowy, cold areas. Furthermore, they are completely resistant to fire and can deal with strong winds that reach hurricane levels.

Metal Residential roofing

One of the main reasons homeowners and commercial building owners all across the US prefer the metal roofing systems are their energy efficient properties and the money you can save in the end by making some smart choices. Chief predictions in savings include a 40% reduction in your energy costs during the summer and a 15% reduction in the winter time. Annually, by installing metal roofings, you can save up to 40% off of your energy bills. It’s important to be able to recycle the materials you use so that they don’t end up in waste fields like asphalt. That’s why every metal roof has a high percentage of recycled material. Not only that, the roof itself can be a 100% recycled after finishing its main duty. In case you still aren’t convinced metal roofs are that eco-friendly, you should know they can actively work towards reducing the degree of your urban heat island effect.

Metal roofs are all about saving money. To prove that, they have been designed to be relatively light in weight, depending on the type of metal. That may mean nothing to you now, but what if we told you that you could actually install your metal roof on top of your existing roof, without having to call a contractor and have them remove it for you.

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