Valuable attic finds

In most cases, the attic is used to keep old worthless boxes of junk and Christmas decorations. But still every once in a while you should take a look and see what you really have there in those old and smelly boxes because you can never know what you might find in them. From something extremely old and valuable to something that is worth serious amount of money. Or if you have bad luck maybe you will find a bird’s nest or raccoon family living under your roof. People decide to clean their attics when they either have to move or have roof repairs or roof replacement. Average homeowners when climbing up there, in those rare occasions might feel like they are on an adventure, discovering belongings they didn’t know they even had.

Attic treasure

As roofing contractors over the time, we have heard all sort of different stories and tales that have origins up in the attic. In our line of work we have seen bird’s nests blocking the air vent, mold and mildew on supporting beams. But sometimes we hear warm homeowner stories who have found old family pictures in some old boxes that they didn’t know they had.

Therefore, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at some odd and crazy attic finds that we heard or found online.

Let’s start:

  1. After you buy a house from someone, in most cases you want to examine your new house, and determine what kind of work and repairs on the house and roof have to be done before you can move in. There are situations where new homeowners want to knock a few walls or rearrange a couple of rooms, but while you are doing renovations make sure to check every floorboard and wall that you pull or break. As well if you plan on making an old attic into a new room, there as well check every hole and hiding place you can think off, since you might find something that an owner before have left. In the state of Minnesota a man after buying a new house has found a valuable collection of comic books that were hidden under his new roof up in the attic.
  2. While climbing up to your attic, after finally making a decision to clean up your attic, you are most likely wishing to discover something of value that you can cash in later. If you are really lucky you will find a stash of real money hiding underneath your roof. Who knows maybe an older family member was stashing money in an old “sock”. Who knows you might even discover non-US money, maybe foreign currency and coins from some War that might be worth some real money nowadays.
  3. Well, not all of our stories have a happy ending, in the state of California, mom of five, heard one night strange noises coming from inside her house, specifically the attic. And after getting up there, she discovered that a stranger was living under her roof. To make things worse, he was an ex-boyfriend to one of her daughters, although he was dumped 12 years ago he didn’t see that as a problem. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that he was living there for two weeks, there was even feces on his attic bed.
  4. And let’s wrap up this post with another weird story. Sometimes we are in a hurry when cleaning up the house or attic, since repair crew might come any day. Everything has to be ready for roofing contractors to come in and replace or repair your roof but sometimes it isn’t the wisest to rush through each box in your attic and instead still practice caution when cleaning up your attic. Man in Milwaukee after discovering a hand grenade had to call the police and let them take care of it

Attic treasure tx

All in all

In most situations, you won’t become a millionaire after cleaning up a few old attic boxes, but then again you might discover cherished memories stashed in them that have been put there and completely forgotten. Every now and then visit your attic and see what is being stored under your roof. At least you will have a nice story to tell while roofers from Reilly Roofing & Gutters, are repairing or replacing your roof. Just as long it isn’t a story about bird droppings or raccoons. Haha 🙂

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