Average roof lifespan

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Roof protects you and your home against the outside elements. One of the very first things a person looks at when buying a home is the condition of the roof. You might be asking yourself why? Roof repair & replacements are costly, and you always want to choose a roof that will last as long as possible. What is the average lifespan of a roof? For start, roofs lifespan relies on the type of material used on the roof and other factors, such as: climate, geographical location and various other factors. It is critical to note that these factors will lessen and decrease the lifespan of your roof greatly. Let’s take a look at the average lifespan according to roof type. Average lifespan of common roofs There are several types of roof materials that should be considered.

  • 3-tab Asphalt Shingles: 15 – 18 years
  • Architectural Asphalt Shingles: 24 – 30 years
  • Metal or Galvalume: 30 – 45 years
  • Concrete Tile: 30 – 50 years
  • Modified Bitumen: 10 – 16 years

While metal lasts quite some time, it is often not seen on homes due to aesthetics and „industrial“ look. Concrete tile is the longest lasting option, but again it is used less often than asphalt shingles due to cost. Roof Longevity Factors We briefly touched on just some of the factors that will cause a roof to last for a shorter length of time. However, the actual roof slope, orientation and color are also factors that need to be considered.

  • Color: Darker colors are known to absorb more heat. In this case, a person in a warm climate with an abundance of sunlight will need to replace their roof more often if it is a dark, heat-absorbing color.
  • Slope: The angle of the roof also plays a part in the roof’s lifespan. A roof with a high pitch will often last longer. This is due to snow and rain not being able to settle on the roof itself.
  • Orientation: Slopes that face south will have more sun beating down on the roof, causing the average lifespan of the roof to lessen.

There are also other factors that influence a roof’s lifespan. Trees in the area can rub or fall on a roof, causing a problem along the way. Leaves that are left on the roof can likewise cause acidity build-up, which will begin to deteriorate the roof and cause all kinds of issues. The best roof for your home will depend on a variety of factors – mostly your financial plan and budget. In the higher price range, your roofer will be able to use stronger, more durable roofing materials that will last for 30+ years. Let us assist you in solving your roofing problems while staying within your budget. When you want it done professionally by a company that is licensed, insured, and will be available to serve you today, tomorrow, and for years to come, call Reilly Roofing & Gutters in Flower Mound, TX. All information about us you can check on our website.

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