How to deal with birds on your roofing system

Although they are a lovely sight to see, birds can create major problems to your rooftop. While storms and winds cause their own set of problems, birds can create all sort of different problems on their own. Below we are going to list a few most common problems a bird can create.

Brid droppings

Nobody wants to mess with something so unattractive and unpleasant but real danger lies in fact that droppings can create a lot of damage if not taken care of. Droppings are extremely acidic, which means they can burn through protective shingle coating, making shingles lose granules and curl. If left like that, water and moisture will slide underneath your shingles and cause a lot more serious damage to the supporting structure of your roof.

The problem lies in fact that it is hard to spot bird droppings, and they aren’t easily removed. If part of your roof has taken too much damage from bird droppings, easiest solution would be to replace the shingles than to clean them. In order to prevent bird droppings on your roof, look for nearby branches that are hanging over your roof. Another good type of protection is to use gutters and linings made specially to discourage birds from visiting your rooftop.

Structural damage

There is a special breed of bird that is especially harmful to your roof – woodpeckers. Although they peck trees to search for their food, bugs, male woodpeckers often make noises to attract females. They often peck at chimneys and vents. While this doesn’t cause much damage, the moment he starts pecking at your wooden elements of the house you are in serious problems.

Gutter damage

Most bird nests on your home can be found in your gutters. Nest debris can easily clog your gutters, which leads to two problems. First, blocked gutters means that water is overflowing and dripping down your exterior walls and surrounding materials. And second, is that during rainfall, water fills clogged gutters, drenching leafs and debris, adding additional weight to your gutters making them detach from your walls and roofing system. Which leads to hiring a roofing contractor to fix the damage.

Fire and water problem

Birds build nests in all sort of different places, most of the time you don’t even know they are there. If birds build their nest in front of your vent, you will find yourself in trouble. A nest there will block the air flow from entering your attic, which can lead to moisture forming on your wooden support beams causing them to rot. Another “popular” place is the chimney and heating vents. Again nests block airflow but this time they are blocking carbon monoxide from exiting your home, which can be quite deadly. If you do find nests in these places, simply remove them and put a protective cover over your vents.

birds using roof for their nests and droppings

From time to time it is wise to check your vents, chimneys, gutters, and those hard to reach attic places to see if there is any sign of bird nests or droppings. Finding and removing them in time can save you a lot of money and trouble. If you aren’t comfortable with climbing up to your roof on your own, you can always contact your trusted local roofing contractor Reilly Roofing & Gutters from Irving and let us take a look instead.

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