BSL (Buy, Sell, Lease) Real Estate is a company that knows that real estate is not really about land, buildings, and houses – instead, it’s about people. The needs and desires of our clients always come first. We start to work on finding the best property that will completely fulfill the needs and the desires as closely as possible.

There is a big difference between Real Estate salespeople. If you are working with BSL Real Estate then you’re working with a professional who you can trust to offer highly skilled assistance and high ethical standards for your real estate transaction. When time is limited, we get the job done. We are also available 24/7 through calls, text, email or fax.


We know your time is valuable, and that is why we send home previews of the properties via the internet before touring the property with you in person. After reading the description and other information about the home and looking at the pictures, the client can select exactly the homes that fulfill their needs best. Each client can contact us by phone, text, email, or fax 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By the time we tour a home we have already been in touch with our client on numerous occasions, to answer questions and/or provide information. Information that we provide includes, but is not limited to: schools and district information, neighborhood location and amenities, tax information, crime statistics, home warranty availability. In today’s business environment we realize that every penny counts. This is why we work extra hard to find the perfect property at a reasonable price that is within your budget.


When you’re ready to sell your home, we first provide you with a Comparative Marketing Analysis report so that you can compare your home to others in your neighborhood that were sold within the past 3 months. This CMA report will help you with setting a price for your home that is within the price range that other homes similar to yours have sold for. The next step is taking pictures, measuring rooms, placing the sign in the yard, and placing the locked key-box on the property, and uploading the property information to the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS gives your home exposure to all of the other Realtors in the area. Next we list your property on numerous web sites, including E-Bay.


We also provide leasing management services for homeowners and commercial clients, including background checks when necessary. If you just need to find a home to lease, we will assist you with this task as well.

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