If you are considering purchasing a home with slate roofing, you should factor the pros and cons of a slate roof into your calculations. The first thing you should consider is the life expectancy of the roofing in comparison to the age of the home. in addition, you should ensure that you are fully aware of the particular issues related to slate roofing Flower Mound, TX and what measures will need to be taken should problems arise during the time you own the property.

In general, homes with slate roofs are among the best properties available on the market today. However, as a prospective homebuyer, you should learn all the facts about the qualities of this type of roofing material before moving into a slate roofing Flower Mound TX. This article will give you some valuable advice on how to care for a roof with slate tiles. Here are some of the important questions to ask when considering purchasing a house with slate tiles:


1. How Old is the Roof?


Slate shingles come in two basic types: hard and soft slate. When it comes to weather resilience and fire resistance, hard slate is one of the best types of roofing materials available on the market. Hard slate does not absorb water and therefore will not easily become warped when exposed to moisture. Being one of the strongest and most durable materials it will maintain its basic structure for decades and shingles made from hard slate can last anything from 75 to 200 years.
Soft slate is less durable as its overall composition lacks the incredible durability of hard slate that is almost invincible. Shingles made from soft slate will generally last between 50 and 125 years which is considerably less than the life expectancy of hard slate. To its credit, however, soft slate possesses the same weather-resistant and fireproof qualities of hard slate.


2. What is the Warranty on the Slate Roof?


Dependant on the manufacturer, slate roof warranties will generally cover the shingle materials against defects for several decades, however, the roofing contractor will only be held liable for a few years after the date of installation. Certain manufacturers guarantee the materials they use in roofing for periods ranging from 75 to 100 years. However, as a homebuyer, it is important to note that not all roofing warranties can be transferred to a new homeowner. Of those that do allow warranties to be transferred, it can sometimes only be done once. That is why it is crucial to determine whether the existing warranty on the roof can be transferred or not. For example, if the roof was installed by a previous owner a decade ago who now wants to sell the property, the new owner may not be covered under the existing warranty.


3. How Much will it Cost to Replace Slate Shingles?


If you purchase a slate roofing Flower Mound TX house, you will probably not have to worry about replacing the roof as long as you own the property as slate shingles can last up to 200 years. Therefore, unless the house was constructed before the Statue of Liberty, chances are you will not be the one presiding over the property when the shingles finally expire. That said, it does not preclude damage that may occur from severe weather conditions in certain areas or if the roof has not been properly maintained over the years, which is the only expense you may have to consider.


4. Who Manufactured the Slate Shingles?


The quality of slate is likely to vary in any neighborhood with multiple homes having slate roofs. The disparity between them will often depend on certain factors like the age of the roof and maintenance, or the lack thereof, employed by a number of successive generations of homeowners. However, more likely than not, the quality of the slate used in the roofing materials is often dependant on the manufacturer of the shingles.
As mentioned before, there are two types of slate and shingle manufacturers that use only hard slate will generally produce high-quality shingles that are longer lasting. Other differences may distinguish the best manufacturing companies from their competitors but in the end, it all boils down to whether the manufacturer uses real slate or imitation materials to manufacture shingles that are inferior and less durable.


5. Who Installed the Shingles?


It requires an advanced level of skill to properly apply slate shingles onto a rooftop. Inferior workmanship may lead to problems that will affect the integrity of the roof and compromise the longevity of the slate. For the best results, slate shingles should only be installed by skilled workers with years of experience with slate installation and employed by a licensed roofing contractor.
When working with slate shingles, the slightest imperfection during installation could cause it to become loose and fall off, exposing the area to leaks. Due to the complicated installation process and the cost of slate, it is more difficult to replace slate shingles than for example asphalt or cedar shingles.


6. Was the Roof Installed by a Contractor that Specialises in Slate Roofing?


 To avoid complications in the future, a slate roofing Flower Mound, TX  should only be installed and maintained by a roofing contractor with extensive experience in the applications of slate. Considering the special skills required to handle slate shingle installation, this is a crucial qualifier. A worker with little or no knowledge of slate is liable to make costly mistakes during the installation process that could lead to major problems with costly consequences.


A common mistake that roofing contractors make is to use the same methods employed when installing other types of roofing. A lack of knowledge regarding the characteristics of the slate may cause a roofer to break tiles when walking across the roof. A worse mistake is to leave roof fasteners exposed to the elements such as rain or snow.


7. Does the Roofing Contractor provide Maintenance and What Kind of Maintenance will be Required?


A home with full or partial slate roofing should have a maintenance agreement in place to prevent problems from arising. Maintenance work is often covered under warranty by a roofing contractor. However, roofing contractors all have different policies including the length of the warranty and the nature of problems that are covered under the warranty. This will depend on the contractor who installed the roofing on the home you may be potentially buying.




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