Trees are one of the prettiest accessories of any house. They can completely transform the overall appearance of your property while allowing you to keep your privacy hidden from the outside. But, trees can be dangerous if you don’t treat them well. If you aren’t trimming them regularly or you’re not paying attention to their age, trees can seriously harm your house and, especially, roof. So pay attention to everything and learn how to prevent the tree damage on your roof by following these simple steps from our guide.


How to prevent tree damage on your roof

Although trees can protect your house if you maintain them properly, they can also cause some serious damage if you neglect them.


1. Be aware of the old branches

Various weather conditions can have a huge effect on your branches, especially if they are old. The good thing is that they can be easily spotted if you look at your trees. If you see overhanging branches, cut them down before they ruin your roof. Overhanging branches are extremely sensitive to the wind and big amounts of snow, so you should be careful if you don’t want them to end up ruining your roof and shingles.

You can prevent the tree damages on your roof by regular tree inspection. Go outside and take a close look at the trees surrounding your house. If there’s anything rotten or hanging, cut it down. There’s no point in having a big tree in front of your house if you have to be afraid that your roof will be destroyed as soon as the wind arrives.


2. Remove the old trees around your house

Old trees can cause a huge damage to your house, especially if their height is above your house’s height. Since old trees can be easily destroyed by the wind, it’s important to remove them before it’s too late. Look at the trees and see if there are any rotten parts that can crack easily. If there’s anything alarming, call for help and remove it immediately.


You don’t want your house ruined by the old tree, even though it has a sentimental value. Replace the old tree with the new one, and provide your family a shelter during the summer heat.

3. Don’t forget to clean your roof

The importance of regular roof cleaning can’t be stressed enough. Clean the roof, shingles, and gutters from any leaves, debris, and the roof moss. The leaves from the roof can clutter your gutters and cause serious damage to your roofing system once the snow starts to fall. Although they might seem harmless, they can easily cause numerous roof damages that can be a potential threat to your health.


Don’t forget to clean your roof regularly. It can save you a lot of time and money in the long term and allow you a pleasant and safe life in your house.


Sometimes, when the storm is really strong, you can’t do much to prevent the tree damage on your roof. If that happens, contact the experts at your local roofing company in Fort Worth, TX – Reilly Roofing & Gutters.  Find the right solution for every problem you’re dealing with.

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