When we talk about the diversity and abundance of attractions to see, then Texas is the champion in that category. You will never fail to find offers from various travel agencies for a trip to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth or Austin. And why not? They are fanciful and compelling locations for everyone’s taste. However, that is just the beginning of Texas. If you just scratch beneath the surface, you’ll find a bunch of smaller cities, equally majestic, waiting for you to discover them.
One of those cities is the town of Irving, TX. Irving is a US city located in Dallas County; it is a modern suburb of Dallas and thirteenth most populous city in the state of Texas. Statistical reports from 2010 prove that the town population was 216 thousand. Irving is a part of the Dallas- Fort Worth- Arlington area also known as the Metroplex.

The story behind Irving

Irving was established in 1903 by Otis Brown, who was also the first mayor of the city, and Otto Schulz. Late nineteenth century marked Irving as a place of churches, cotton gins, and regular store but in the 1950sthe city got its boom. It became an industrial hub with people working in manufacturing factories, finances, retail, transportation sectors. Today, Irving represents an urban and modern city with a stable economy and various educational institutions. However, this city has something that singles it out from all the others in DFW area of the state of Texas- it has Las Colinas.

Las Colinas

Almost all towns have that one particular neighborhood that is known to be a place of luxury and luxurious ones. Las Colinas is similar to that but even more. It is an unconventional, upscale area in Irving. And one of the first ever master-planned cities in the Unites States. Its enviable position that is a knot of Dallas and Fort Worth just like its proximity to both DFW International Airport and Love Field Airport makes Las Colinas the perfect place for corporate headquarters and businesses.
Position on the map made the area ideal for building luxury hotels and apartments, private country clubs, modern lofts and corporate towers and offices. Therefore, a little cosmos was created.

How was Las Colinas born?

Las Colinas wasn’t always the name of this developed area. In 1972 the place was known as El Ranchito de Las Colinas in the private property of Ben Carpenter, a ranching millionaire. Las Colinas was one of the first planned communities in the US which motivated many other architects and building company owners to create their own. It was the 1980ts when Las Colinas started transforming into what it is today. As the building trend blossomed all across the US, companies relocated their headquarters and offices to this area. That is how huge corporations like Exxon Mobil Corporation, Verizon, Fortune 500 companies, Kimberly-Clark and many other moved here. Even though there were some signs of financial difficulties after the 1985 real estate market crash, Las Colinas successfully avoided the crisis.

Living in Las Colinas

Life in Las Colinas represents a perfect blend of peaceful, conventional daily routine and upscale life moments. It offers quality educational institution and services and depending on where the resident is located he/she will be put in a particular school. Some people will, therefore, belong to the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District which is is a school district in Carrollton. Except for Carrollton it partially covers Addison, Dallas, Coppell and Irving(which means Las Colinas). To enrich a daily routine of working in a huge corporation or going to school, Las Colinas has three private country clubs; the Las Colinas Country, Hackberry Creek Country Club, and four championship golf courses. It is also a home to various attractions like Irving Music Factory which is an entertainment complex, Lake Carolyn, breathtaking sculpture Mustangs at Las Colinas and so on.

Witness the energy

If you are looking to go somewhere where the energy is entirely different, and lifestyle is nothing like you ever experienced – then bypass Dallas, avoid San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth and book your luxurious apartment here in Las Colinas. If you are looking to find more information, contact Reilly Roofing and Gutters, a construction company in Irving, Texas.

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