It is never easy for most homeowners to decide on which roofing material would be best for their home. In most cases, clients tend to choose other roofing materials since they are not familiar with slate roofing tile or the capabilities and value that this roofing material has. However, before choosing this particular roofing material, it important to have all your concerns addressed by someone who is specialized in residential roofing. 

Are you considering to install a slate roofing Flower Mound, TX? Below are some of the common questions that are asked by customers regards to slate roof and the features of this particular roofing material. Acknowledging all of them will help you decide whether slate roofing is good for your house or not.

Is slate roofing material available in a variety of colors and style?

Slate roofing material is available in a variety of styles and mixed colors. The styles range from patterns to graduated and textural installation. However, the most common styles that are found in the United States are random width and pattern style. You can get a glimpse of all these styles at the slate roof central. Moreover, slate roofing material does not only vary in color and style but in texture as well. The texture range from rough, uniform and smooth. As for color, a slate roof can be found in a variety of colors such as black and grey to vibrant colors. But, the most common colors are red, green and purple.

How long does slate roofing last?

Slate roof material is derived from sedimentary rock. Therefore, this type of roofing material is considered to be a metamorphic rock composed of volcanic or clay ashes. Installing a slate roof is a long term investment since this roofing material can last for decades without facing any major damage. According to most roofing specialists, a slate roof can last for 100 years and even more. However, it is advisable that you do not add paint or sealant on the slate roof since it can reduce the lifespan of this unique roofing material.

Is slate roofing better than shingle roofing?

Slate roofing material is known to last for decades. Therefore, a homeowner only installs this type of roofing only once in a lifetime. However, when it comes to shingle roofing, a homeowner might be required to replace the roofing material multiple times. That is because a shingle roof can easily get damaged when compared to a slate roof. Moreover, a slate roofing Flower Mound, TX can increase the value of a house because of its durability and the natural beauty that it possesses. Besides adding natural beauty to your home, slate roofing also helps to maintain the appearance of your house for decades. Other benefits of installing a slate roof include fire resistant, low water absorption, and mold resistant.

What are the necessary preparations required for slate roof installation?

Even though slate roofing can last for a long period, it is not easy to install this particular roofing material. That is because the slate roof is extremely heavy and can add an estimated weight of 500 pounds to the roof of your house. Therefore, your house needs to be engineered for this kind of roofing. You can hire a structural engineer to inspect your roof and determine whether your house is suitable for this type of roofing.

What is the cost of slate roofing versus shingles?

Slate roofing Flower Mound, TX is quite expensive compared to shingle roofing. A slate roof can cost you 15 to 16 dollars for every square foot. Other factors that contribute to higher pricing when installing slate roof include the size of the roofing structure as well as the roof pitch.

Can a slate roof be repaired?

A slate roof can be repaired like any other roof. However, it is advisable that you hire an experienced and licensed roofing specialist to do this kind of work. A certified roofing contractor will inspect the roof and identify the damaged pieces. The damaged pieces are then removed and replaced with new slate material. You can have your slate roof inspected at least once a year to make sure that it is in good condition.


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