Should you go for a green roof?


Green roofs are increasingly being used in urban areas. Why should you go for green roof on your property?

Energy efficiency

In urban settings, the sun’s radiation heats up asphalt, concrete, and other roofing materials faster than it does plants. There is always a layer of hot air, referred to as an urban heat island that surrounds urban areas. The layer of hot air does keep the cities warmer during winter. In summer, urban areas are too hot, thus, there is increased cooling costs. Green roofs will reach a maximum temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. Other roofing materials could get as hot as 158 degrees Fahrenheit. This could result in over 75% savings on cooling costs.


Elements like sun, snow, rain and the wind result in extreme temperature variations. The roof also expands and contracts on extremes. This ultimately reduces the lifespan of the roof and requires repair service. The temperature of a bare roof can fluctuate over a range of at least 83 degrees Fahrenheit in a single day while green roofs fluctuate over a range of 22 degrees Fahrenheit in a day. Green roofs can add up to 6 decades to your roof’s lifespan.

Less runoff water

Green roofs reduce the amount of runoff water during heavy rains, to the tunes of 75%. Green roofs also delay run-off time by 45 minutes. The quality of this water is also better since it is filtered by vegetation and soil.

More space

Green roofs provide space for vegetation and fruits. Children can play here and games like lawn bowling can also be played here. They can be used as community gardens or even commercial space for restaurant terraces.

Protection from fire

Green roofs have a lower burning heat load when compared to their conventional counterparts. Manufacturers ensure that green roofs offer protection from fire and follow fire codes, even at the local level.

Noise reduction

Green roofs help in noise reduction, especially where the sounds are of low frequency, for instance, noise caused by heavy rains and by industries. Green roofs can reduce noise from outside by up to 50 decibels.


Green roofs could increase investor interest in a building. The green building movement advocates for this type of roofing. Green roofs can result in lease outs and increased value of your property. You are also likely to experience less turnover with tenants.

Reduction of waste roofing materials

Green roofs are made from recycled materials, for instance, crushed porous brick. This reduces the amount of waste roofing materials in landfills. Using green roofing also reduces the cost of transport miles for waste disposal.

All in All

Should you go for a green roof? There are numerous benefits of green roofs ranging from energy efficiency, lifespan, less runoff water, more space, protection from fire, noise reduction, investment, and reduction of waste roofing materials. Better still, it will add to the value of your property, so you will re-sell it at a good price. You can contact your professional Denton TX roofing company Reilly Roofing & Gutters for all your roofing needs. We are there for you and your roof.

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