Modern times brought numerous inventions that made our lives easier, faster and more simple.  Some of those innovations were revolutionary and became extremely useful in our daily routines. A big part of technological discoveries, while helpful for us, are harmful to the nature and expensive as well. However, people often neglect the list of „green“ inventions that could change our world around and help us save a tremendous amount of money and energy.




You would be surprised to know how much power is lost through your house. Many homeowners are not aware of the amount of energy their home simply slips.  Sometimes, they don’t understand how are their bills so high, and they settle for the fact that nothing can be done.  On the contrary, there is a bunch of ways how you can ensure your home doesn’t toss any energy at all. Windows play a significant role in saving energy, so we are going to cover some of the best windows treatments available.






It may seem too simple, but awnings are indeed useful. The amount of energy they save is surreal- if you install them, you will reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 70 percent. A great thing about awnings is that they can be bought separately to shade one window or you can cover the entire part of your home.  They are made from synthetic fabrics that are completely waterproof and made specially for the purpose, so fading is not possible.  Awnings are an easy way to improve your home and make it sustainable.





If your ultimate goal is to eliminate both summer heat gain and the solar heat in the winter, then you should consider high-reflectivity window films. However, there are multiple factors to think about when it comes to reflective window films. Their effectiveness can depend on the window orientation, the climate, the orientation of the building or the house, etc. To get the best out of them, opt for silver or mirror-like films since they do a greater job than the colored types.




Blinds are classic and can do a wonderful job keeping your house energy efficient. However, interior blinds are even more useful. Light-colored blinds are the most reflective ones, and when they are closed, they can reduce the heat gain by up to 47 percent.  Just like awnings, they are a relatively cheap and uncomplicated way to save energy and money.




To make your home hundred percent efficient, installing just one of the previously mentioned solutions may not be enough. Sometimes the ultimate efficiency can be only achieved with multiple window treatments layered one over another. Most common way of doing so is putting drapes over shutters. Combining several window treatments can really boost the efficiency of your home.

Of course, these are just window treatment products which can lower your energy bills and prevent heat from getting into your home, but if the windows are done poorly or at the end of their life span, no matter what kind of film or treatment you use, simply it won’t make an impact. In that case, the only solution is considering replacement and new construction windows for your home. It might be a bit expensive at first, but only then you will be certain that you are actually saving money and energy.

As you can see, there are many ways how you can secure your windows and prevent energy from slipping away. None of these options will affect your daily routine, and you won’t have to think about them once you’ve installed them. Installing window treatments can only result in lower bills and happier homeowners.


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