Procrastinating is a characteristic that many people fight with. The majority of us is envious of those organized individuals who successfully take care of everything in time. Sometimes, we procrastinate on purpose. A lot of homeowners live in denial that procrastinating with repairs will save them some money. On the contrary, it will only make the problem worse, and you will end up with a bigger financial burden.  It’s smart to avoid that trap and focus on preventing the damage in the first place. Roof repairs will be much less often and not as complicated if you check your roof regularly. Many people don’t know what to look for and what can damage their roof in the first place. So, here’s a list of most common roof problems.

Poor  Installation

Poor installation is a number one reason why your roof demands repairs. It also automatically shortens a lifespan of your roof and the quality of performance. Reilly Roofing and Gutters,  a general contractor in Denton, Texas , recommends homeowners to pay special attention to who will they hire.  Hiring a professional is a must if you want your roof to last long and protect your family and possessions.



You will find moisture listed in every article describing things that damage your roof. Weather conditions can bring wind, rain, hail, snow, ice, and debris all of which can easily damage your roof and cause leaking, mold, and rot. You have to be sure you protected your roof from these as much as possible and that you have high-quality shingles that can withstand moisture in any form.

Lack of maintenance

Proper maintenance can do a lot more than you think. Lack of maintenance can do even more. Just like you clean the kitchen and get rid of nasty things on the oven glass, you should take care of your roof as well. Maintenance doesn’t need to be time-consuming and hard.  You only have to spend a few minutes on your roof inspecting it, clean the gutters and maybe do some DIY roof repairs.

Incorrectly installed flashing

Flashing is a crucial part of your roofing system because it seals the penetrations on your roof. Common places where it has to be applied are chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, etc. If flashing is incorrectly attached, there is a significant chance of leaking and other problems appearing.

Different creatures

Insects can do a lot more than just annoy us. They can harm our roof and cause damage you would never expect. You should protect your roofing system from birds, insects and other small animals that can hop on your roof, scratch it or create nests in it.

 Wrong materials

Forget everything we said if you have the wrong roofing material. Each climate and weather conditions require different roofing materials. If your roof is of the wrong material, everything begins to go south from the beginning. Make sure to hire a professional, get informed and do your own material research. Reilly Roofing and Gutters, the best roofing company in San Antonio, TX, can help you find out everything you need to know about roof materials.

Roof repairs can be completely avoided even though a majority of homeowners doesn’t think so. If you check your roof regularly, make sure it is correctly installed and take care of it, you should never deal with expensive repairs.

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