Unfortunately, your roof can suffer from various types of damage. There can be some broken or missing shingles, moss, mold, algae, ice dams, etc. All of these problems carry different types of solutions and need to be handled differently. While there is some annoyance among the homeowners about those damages, one is certainly the most despised one. We are talking about the roof leak. A leaky roof can the most difficult type of harm or at least that’s what the majority of homeowners think. Owners often give the assignment of repairing a roof leak to a handyman or a scamming company and pay way too much money. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to spend all that money on something you can do yourself. Of course, severe leaking cases fit a different category, and they need to be handled by a professional. But small leaks and sources of leaking can be repaired in no time. Save your money and save yourself from stress, learn something new – follow our DIY roof leak guide.



In the process of fixing, it is crucial to know the exact source of leaking. You can only repair the roof leak if you know for sure where the water is coming from. You should start inspecting the house for traces of water.  Check your ceilings and walls for water stains. Your attic could be the best solution; if you have access to the attic, you are lucky. Search for any suspicious place. If there is nothing there, hop on your roof. We recommend you to take a hosepipe and soak everything. That way it will be easy to notice where the water comes from. When you have detected it, follow our guide.


Vent boots are easily damaged while being crucial. Vents are necessary because they ventilate your attic and stop shingles from deteriorating, they can also stop ice damming. If your vents are too old, then it could be a good idea to replace them. However, if you just bought them recently, why would you buy new ones? The problem is nails that are keeping the vent in place. So, simply remove the shingles around the vent and replace the nails the rubber-washered screws.

roof leak


A nail that is misplaced is also called a shiner. Most often, shiner is misplaced by the inexperienced contractor. The moisture comes through the attic and condenses on the nail. The nail will regularly freeze and melt until you solve the problem. You can fix this if you clip the nail with side-cutting pliers. This is maybe the most simple problem to fix.


By now we have repaired hundreds of leaky roofs, and we can say that a big percentage of leaks were caused by broken flashing. Step flashing is even more sensitive, and it can easily let the water come in your home.  But you shouldn’t dramatize since all you have to do is remove the shingles, pry siding loose and replace a piece of the step flashing. Let your Reilly Roofing and Gutters San Antonio roofing contractor save you some money and teach you something new!


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