How can infrared scan benefit your roof?

Leaks are the number one enemy of your roofing system and if you fail to detect them while they are in the initial stage of development, they could cause the need for comprehensive repair services and even complete roofing system replacement. You have a couple of alternatives when it comes to caring for your roof. You could choose the strategy of waiting to see what is going to happen, which entails disregarding the problem of your roofing system until you are placing buckets around your home to catch dripping water. Or, you could take preventative measures that involve utilization of infrared scanning with its ability to precisely detect even the smallest of leaks before they trigger significant damages to your roofing support framework, walls, and even your belongings.

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How does it work?

Infrared scanning utilizes usage of a thermal camera to determine inconsistencies in the roofing systems’ surface temperature level. Throughout a bright, sunny day, the roofing system warms up. At sunset, the roofing materials start to cool. However, since water has more mass compared to air, any damp areas under the roofing material maintain the heat much longer. By checking the surface area of the roofing system at this exact time, we have the ability to detect leaks that are otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

Identifying the damage

Infrared scanning is an approach not just for detecting leaks, but also for specifying the level of the water damage to the layer of attic insulation. Less saturated locations of insulation maintain less warmth and they look completely different in color on the thermo-graphic imaging. The largest benefit of this procedure is that you don’t need to dig right into the roofing system to understand just how much insulation has to be changed with a new one. By utilizing the infrared scanning, we can conserve our client’s money by replacing or fixing only the parts of the roofing system that are affected by the water damage.

When to scan?

Considering that the roofing system should warm up throughout the day for infrared scanning to work, the most efficient time for setting up an inspection is a sunny and warm fall, summer or spring day. Autumn and spring are the best periods for seasonal evaluations to detect small issues that may have appeared after a harsh winter season as well as to ensure that the roofing system is prepared for the coming warmer weather. At Reilly Roofing, we utilize sophisticated thermography as a vital component of our comprehensive evaluation solutions.

What to expect in the end?

After carrying out an infrared inspection of the roofing system, we will present you with an in-depth report, followed with images that will enable you to see the areas where leaks are present, potential areas that may be troubling in the future and various other sectors that require any services. This technique is excellent for determining the degree of required repair works. At Reilly Roofing and Gutters, your Flower Mound trusted roofing company, we do not only install brand-new roofing systems – we collaborate with our clients to extend the life of their existing roofing systems.

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