Signs your roof might be damaged

If your roof is 15 years or older and you believe it might be revealing several of these typical roof damage indications, it might be time to think about a brand-new roof. Keep in mind; your roof can talk … you simply have to listen.


Damaged Flashing

The flashing strengthens weak locations on your roof like where the chimney sticks out or where two parts of the roof fulfill in a valley. Examine that the flashing on your roof looks even and lays flat.

Buckling & Curling Areas

Your roof needs to look extremely flat and even. If you have curling shingles, your roof’s “immune system” is too low and your roof is vulnerable to the wind or even ice damage.

Algae Development & Staining

Wondering why your roof looks filthy and dingy? You might have an algae issue, and if delegated its gadgets, your algae pal can create chaos and in fact, ruin your roof. Algae is typically dark brown to even black in color. This problem is common with commercial flat roofs.

Missing out on Shingles

Often, missing out on shingles can be brought on by incorrect installation/fastening, windy weather condition or other severe weather condition and can typically be separately changed.

Ceiling Areas

You must inspect your crawl area and attic for any water damage if you see any staining or areas on your ceiling. Water damage can be figured out by any staining or damp areas in the beams and boards that are straight under your roof. Generally, the damage will be centralized near the issue location so you must have the ability to spot the leakage as long as it has not become a more serious issue.



Decaying forming on any part of your home is bad, however on your roof, it can symbolize extreme issues. Decomposing is triggered just when a location of your roof continues to be damp over a duration of time.

Missing out on Granules

When a roof is older, the leading layer of protective granules has the tendency to gradually deteriorate. Any apparent bare areas that can form gradually are an indication of completion of the life of your roof. The bare shingles have typically ended up being breakable and vulnerable for many years and need to be changed before major damage takes place.



It is extremely tough to get entirely rid of water when it has handled to get under your roof. Any water that stays for an extended period can trigger blistering on your roof shingles, shown by little dark areas forming.


There are a variety of factors you might have curling problems consisting of inappropriate fastening/installation, ventilation concerns, nails that are expensive, the absence of back finish as well as the under-saturation of the asphalt felt utilized on your shingles. If you have curling shingles, your roof’s “body immune system” is too low, and your roof is prone to the wind and even ice damage

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