Our newest organizations that we talked with is Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home – CPCH. Mary Dickerman (Director of Development) will tell us about their outstanding organization, so please take your time, read about them and support them because they deserve it!



1. To begin with, can you briefly introduce your organization?
Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home


2. What is your organization’s main mission?
To provide healing and hope to foster children who have been removed from their home due to abuse and neglect; assist Single Parent Families that are on the verge of homelessness; provide low-cost counseling to the community to try and prevent the cycle of abuse.


3. In which ways have you contributed to the local community?
We have protected abused and neglected children and teens. We have supported families in crisis and helped reunite families. We have helped counseling clients be able to go back to work.


4. What was the biggest challenge your organization had to face?
I would say a recent and on-going challenge is spreading the awareness of the state of the mental health system and foster care system in Texas. Denton County area is sorely lacking in the number of resources provided for mental health compared to other areas. The state of the foster care system in Texas is beyond a crisis. We have a wonderful counseling program that is more active on social media and in the community to help spread the word. We recently partnered with Judge Haertling and Judge Shipman of Denton County to host a Foster Care information forum for the community.


5. What do you perceive to be your biggest accomplishment?
Expanding the Emergency Shelter to protect even more children, finding children forever homes and reuniting families.


6. How would you like the members of the local community to get involved with your organization?
Please consider donating and Volunteering. We could not keep doing the mission of CPCH without you! 🙂


7. Do you have any upcoming events?
North Texas Giving Day – September 20th is one day online giving event. Please check back on our website to get the link soon. We also will have a Golf Tournament next Spring.


8. What is it that you love most about what you do?
We are so proud to give these children a safe place to begin to heal and learn that there are people who love them and teaching them healthy life skills.


9. Is there anything specific you would like to add or mention?
We have many different ways for people to get involved to help. Give us a call or look on our website to sign up to Volunteer! 🙂


Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home
909 Greenlee St. Denton, TX 76201


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