Get your roof ready for a spring!

During the winter, roofing system is at risk. A load of snow, hail and many natural elements can damage the roofing system. Now, in the spring, the weather is becoming brighter, and the snow is starting to melt. Here are some tips that help you preparing your roof for the spring. Spring offers warm weather with a lot of sun lights. The roofing may survive the winter, but it needs to be cleaned and prepared for the spring. Gutters may represent a problem in the spring.



Gutters are one of the most important features of every roofing system and home. Gutters capture the melting snow, and if you don’t clean them, there can be collected a load of debris during the winter. Their channels may be in a bad condition and cannot do their work. The result is an overflow that can cause several very serious damages to the whole roofing system. Leaks, damaged landscaping are one of the main problems. Be sure to inspect the gutters, and clean them if needed. Maintenance on regular basis can help you protecting the roof  for many months. Also, if you don’t have gutters, the best would be to install them as soon as possible, because they are helping a lot to your roof.


Loads of snow on the shingles during the winter can damage the roofing surface. There can occur leaks and many problems related to the roofing systems. Snow is melting in the spring, and if your roof has damaged shingles, there is a big chance that you find leaks on the ceiling surface, as a gift from the winter. The best is to inspect the house, check for any signs of leaks. But be sure that safety must come first. If don’t, you can also end up with serious injuries. The best is to contact a professional to help you.


The weather is becoming warmer and you need to be sure that the ventilation is proper so the warmer air does not collect in the attic. This air causes bad damages. Inspect the attic, and if you find something strange, contract a professional as soon as possible.


Metal roofing system must be inspected for any sign of rust. Removing the rust can require some serious job, but you can do it. Use a wire brush and sandpaper. High-pressure cleaning is also very good to clean the whole surface. You can coat the roof with a layer of the roofing cement to make a protective layer. Rust is often seen after a long winter, so the best is to inspect the roofing system for any trace of it.


Do not think that the exterior it the most important part when making a spring inspection. Also, check the interior. Inspect the ceilings, see if there is any sign of mold, water marks, and repair as soon as possible. If there are any signs of leaks, the best is to contact a professional general contractor, such as us at Reilly Roofing & Gutters from Irving,TX.

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