Among the many tasks homeowners have when it comes to the care and maintenance of their homes, roof inspections are often overseen or don’t make it to the top of the priority list. But they should be one of the top priorities for everyone.

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home, as it keeps you and your family safe, warm, and protected. It is also the most vulnerable structural parts, as it is the most exposed to the elements. Therefore, if you want to keep it in top shape and ready to stand against the harsh weather, snows, and storms, annual roof inspections are a must.

Here some of the most important ways an annual roof inspection will make your life easier and safer.

1. Prevents Great Financial Losses


One of the first things on any homeowner’s mind is the cost – maintaining a house in top condition can be a costly task and there are often unexpected expenses and blows to your budget, and usually at the worst time.

A roof is a big investment and once you have installed one you expect to have it for a long time to come. It inevitably suffers some wear and tear over time, and there are damages that you cannot control. But you can prevent those damages from getting worse and causing you significant financial losses.

A professional annual roof inspection will help your asses your roof thoroughly and detect any damages and smaller issues that can be easily repaired. If those issues are resolved on time, before they get too complicated and big, you will save yourself some very big and costly repairs. Fixing a broken or missing shingle, a small leak, or a clogged gutter is inexpensive, and when caught on time, it can save your thousands on future major repairs or roof replacement.  


2. Increases Longevity of Your Roof


Along with the potential great expenses, you will also increase the lifespan of your roof. By nipping these minor issues in the bud, you will have a roof that will last you for decades. When smaller issues go unattended for a long time, they can develop into serious problems and damages to both your roof and your house.

A small leak that is detected on time can easily be repaired by a professional roofer, just like a missing shingle, or even a couple of missing shingles. Repairing and replacing them will prevent the damage from spreading to the rest of your roof, which will in turn prevent large-scale repairs. The more major repairs you have to do on your roof, the longevity of your roof decreases, and you are facing re-roofing or a roof replacement sometime in the near future.


3. Detects Water Damage on Time


Water damage is one of the most serious problems that can come from a faulty roof, and when the source is not caught and dealt with on time, it can lead to greater damages and very costly repairs.

Leaks can be the result of a variety of issues on your home such as broken or missing shingle, faulty and loose flashing, faulty or clogged gutters, and others. These problems will result in water leaking into your house, causing structural damage to the house, damaging the walls, and even flooding the basement and seeping into your foundations. You can see how this problem can get out of hand quickly and cause great damages, expensive repairs, as well as pain and aggravation to you and your family.

An annual roof inspection will catch the leak on time when it still presents a minor and easily fixable issue and give you the opportunity to act on time.


4. Keeps Your Family Healthy and Safe


The previously described water damage issues and leaks are known to be the cause of mold and mildew, as well. Mold and mildew grow and spread where there is water and moisture, and mold spores decrease the air quality inside your home, creating an unhealthy living environment, especially for those with respiratory issues and asthma. They are known to cause allergic reactions, nose and throat inflammation, skin irritations, sneezing, coughing, and similar issues.   

Therefore, in order to keep your family safe and maintain a healthy indoor air quality, it is important to prevent water damage and subsequent mold and mildew. A roof inspection will help you determine the problem and handle it before it gets worse and causes health issues.  


5. Helps with Insurance Claims


When unexpected damage happens to your roof, one that you didn’t cause and couldn’t control, you will probably file an insurance claim with your insurance provider, which can often be a great hassle. However, when you have proof and documentation that you’ve had regular and annual roof inspections conducted by professionals, the claim process will be much easier and simpler.

Your insurance provider will be more likely to give you the claim money you will need for the repairs, and through the documentation from your roofer and the conducted inspections, they will be able to determine more accurately which damages they should cover and which were pre-existing.  


6. You Can Have Clean Gutters as Well


Having clean and functioning gutters is also one of the more important tasks, as they also lead to a healthy and safe home. Faulty and clogged gutters can cause leaks and water damages, and they should be a part of your routine, annual roof inspection. Of course, gutter cleaning is not a part of a professional roof inspection, but you can ask your contractor to conduct that task as well and kill two birds with one stone.

Functioning gutters are an essential part of your home and roof structure, but it is also a task that homeowners often overlook or simply don’t like to do themselves. Having a professional do it along with your roof inspection is a great way to keep everything in order and prevent future issues and major repair work.

Peace of Mind


With a professional annual roof inspection, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have done everything you can to prevent any damages and issues that may arise in the future. Your house will be safe, your roof functioning for a long time to come, and your family safe, healthy and protected.

Make your residential roof inspection a priority and a schedule one today so that you can enjoy winter relaxed and with no worries on your mind.

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