Should you repair or replace your roof?


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Regardless of your wish to deal with them, roof problems often appear. There is never a right time for a roof issue to occur, although it is advisable to deal with them on a clear, sunny day instead of in the course of the winter. Unfortunately, you cannot always anticipate when or how your roof is going to get damaged. That is why you should make it a routine to take a frequent look at your roof to avoid any issues. In some cases, it can be very hard to detect a problem, which in turn is why a comprehensive inspection by a professional roofing contractor is needed to get to the bottom of anything questionable, except, of course, if you are fully familiarized with roofing issues (involving the dangers) and how to handle them. Repair or replace your roof? That is always the question. Both possibilities can wind up a quite costly affair, but as far as life quality is involved, doing one or the other deserves every cent. So how do you determine the best choice for your roof and your situation?   First off, let’s take a look at some of the indications that something is wrong with your roof.

Exterior Signs:

– Your storm gutters often wind up obstructed with the granules

– You notice damaged tiles or shingles on your roof

– Your roof shingles lack granules – You discover that the attic insulation is wet

– Flashing is damaged or missing

You should understand that problems with roofing occur on the exterior first, so it is essential to be in a position to acknowledge any alterations in the structure itself. Remember that unless you take care of problems you may discover fairly soon, the damage will spread to the inside of your house making repairs a lot more challenging and costly.

Interior Signs:

– Your wallboard have started to discolor

– The coating has begun peeling off or cracking

– Wallpaper is peeling

– Mildew or mold has formed on the walls and ceiling

– Your ceiling has some extremely suspicious brown spots, nature which you are not familiar with

If you miss the outside signs, at least make sure you take action as fast as possible when you discover any of the telltales inside signals just mentioned above. The sooner you find a solution, the better. No matter if you presently live in that home, you have leased it out, or you intend to sell it – it is up to you to care for your roof and ensure that it is regularly and consistently cleaned and looked after. Unless if you want to make all matters even worse and end up paying what will probably amount to a king’s ransom for a costly, total replacement. (Note: If not attended to, a roof problem may affect other parts of the property.).  If you are not sure whether the damage on your roof needs a repair or a complete replacement, call a certified, licensed local roofing contractor.

When to Repair:

– If your roof is new (under 20 years old) depending upon the life span of the material and application.

– If the service warranty period of the roofing materials has not yet expired.

– If a leak reappears once you have it repaired. – If there is only a small leak that needs repair.

– If this is the first time, you have needed to employ a professional to fix your roof.

When to Replace:

– If the warranty period of the roofing material has expired.

– If the roof is too worn out (over 20 years old or dependent upon the life span of the material/application).

– If the roof has been repaired a lot of times in the past.

– If there are leaks found in various locations of the structure.

– If leaks resume reappearing after they are repaired.

Unfortunately, at times, there may not be any visible indicators that the roof structure has been damaged and needs repair or replacement. Except if you are an expert in roofing, let a licensed, qualified roofing professional inspect the roof. A trusted expert will be able to detect the problems you are facing (if any) and provide the best solution for your situation and one that will make you worry much less. Let us assist you in solving your roofing problems while staying within your budget. When you want it done professionally by a company that is licensed, insured, and will be available to serve you today, tomorrow, and for years to come, call your favorite Flower Mound Roofing Company Reilly Roofing & Gutters today.

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