Whether you want to clean your roof, or you’ve noticed something on the roof that needs to be repaired, you shouldn’t do it if you don’t have the right equipment. If you do it without proper equipment, you could endanger your safety. Roof safety should always be in the first place.

Tips for roof safety

Even though something seems like “a piece of cake” and you think you can do it in a few minutes, don’t go on the roof unprepared. No matter how small business it is, you shouldn’t skip safety practices. The accidents can always happen, but you can avoid them by putting your safety first.

1. Don’t go up there if it’s raining

The stain on the ceiling doesn’t show up before it’s raining. But that doesn’t mean that you should immediately go up there and fix it. Put your work on hold, you’ve already detected where does the leakage come from and you can fix it when the rain stops. The roof can be very slippery and you could easily get hurt. So, don’t do it. Put it on hold, or call the experts from the roofing company. They got the right equipment and they can fix it for you if it really is an emergency.

2. Don’t wear fancy shoes

If you’ve already decided that you’re going on the roof, don’t wear fancy shoes. Wear something comfortable that won’t weight you down. Also, be aware of the material. Rubber soles will stick on the roof and prevent potential slipping. Be careful and fully aware of the surface.

3. Careful with the ladders

It’s difficult to reach roof without going on ladders. Use only ladders that are approved by the OSHA to prevent any potential catastrophe. It’s also important to set them up properly. You shouldn’t place them on an unstable surface without proper support. Put them on solid footing, against a solid backing to be stable. It would be good to extend ladder above the roof’s height, so they can provide you a support when you’re ready to come back down. If you can’t do it with your ladders – then you shouldn’t go on the roof because you won’t be safe.


4. Ask for help

You should never jeopardize your health and safety by going on the roof. If you don’t have the right equipment and you don’t feel safe about going up there, don’t hesitate to ask for help. The roof can be an extremely dangerous place if you are not prepared, so do it only if you have everything to feel safe.


For any emergency repair, don’t hesitate, contact your number one San Antonio Roofing Contractor Reilly Roofing & Gutters! They will go up on the roof for you and find the right solution for every problem without endangering your safety and health. Take care of yourself, put the safety in the first place and make the right decision. Don’t forget to be careful.

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