Benefits of installing a green roofing system

San Antonio, Texas residents, you have probably been considering investing into your roofing system. It has deteriorated well beyond the point of repair, and after consulting and brainstorming, you have decided to have it replaced. Although there are many roofing solutions out there, it’s hard to find a roof as versatile as a green roof.

As a rising star of the roofing industry, mainly because it’s as eco-friendly as it gets, green roofing systems have been used by many homeowners across the US, who have recognized the ultimate value in installing such a roof and possible upcoming trend.

Generally speaking, green roofing systems consist of a waterproof membrane, root barrier, drainage system, irrigation system and of course, the plants. Homeowners usually worry about the possibility of leaking, however, since the plants collect all of the rainwater, you have no need to worry.

A properly installed green roof, with all of its functions, actually has lesser chances of leaking than a normal roof. The next problem homeowners usually think of is the mass collapsing on top of their heads. It’s true that a lot of homes couldn’t support the extra weight.

That’s why experts make all of the measurements necessary before installing a green roof, to make sure the foundations, and the roof itself will hold up.

There are many other benefits to installing a green roof. The extra mass sitting on top of your roof will add another layer of insulation to your home, lowering your energy bills. Not only that, by installing a green roof, you are extending your roofs’ lifespan threefold. Also, in case you ever want to sell your home, a green roof can add up to 7% in property value.

On a bigger scale, a green roof will lower the temperature of your surroundings, consequently mitigating the urban heat island effect. By installing a green roof, you are actively working towards a healthier tomorrow, without even having to move a finger, the roof does everything for you.

On the other hand, a green roof does have to be maintained regularly, to keep it functioning properly. Moreover, it is costly to install, although it will pay itself over during its years of use.

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