Don’t get tricked by shady storm chasers

When spring comes around and in the early summer time, it isn’t unusual that storms hit your area all of a sudden. While some are small and insignificant, there are some that can be quite destructive. Now what to do in that kind of a situation, when your home and the surrounding area is hit by a major hail and windstorm? Unfortunately, there is a decent chance your roofing system will get damaged, and will most likely be in a need for repairs, or in some extreme cases, even roof replacement. And on top of everything, there is a possibility that all kinds of roofing contractors visit your home offering their service. Although you might need a roofer after a hailstorm, in this post, we are going to discuss how to select the right roofer to do an emergency repair on your roof.


Metal roof hailstorm damage Texas

Storm chasers you say?

A lot of money is involved in chasing wind and hail storms. Roofing contractors can find a storm, define the area that was struck by a storm and measure the power and magnitude by using massive electronic equipment and infrastructure. They work with insurance firms as well. Be very careful since those types of contractors are called “storm chasers”. The only way to be safe is to hire a reliable local roofing company who is insured and licensed to perform a job in your area or state. Most roof repair and replacement jobs come with a contractors’ guarantee, so you should always look for a contractor that is close by and can address any roof problem that you might have in the future.

What to look out for

When storm-chasers arrive, they usually try their best to appear as though they are a part of your community. In some cases, they acquire an older local company and use their name while working in the area. If a storm-chaser comes knocking at your door, there a few signs you should look for. They might say that your previous roofing contractor has sent them or that a roofing material manufacturer or seller have sent them. Don’t trust these claims. No matter what, always ask for some kind of proof or evidence for their claims, some proof that they belong to the community. Also don’t be fooled by their crazy estimates, since they are there just to make some easy cash from your misfortune. Keep in mind that your house, your home is in question, so always be alert and don’t hire a roofing contractor you don’t trust or know. Try going for a well-known and reliable roofing contractor in your community and area where you live. Letting a complete stranger without any references meddle with your roof repairs or even replacements isn’t something you should do. Even though your roof might need an emergency repair after a storm, it isn’t the wisest choice to go for the first one that shows up at your door.

If you really do find yourself in need of a roof repair or replacement after a storm or any other event, you can always call your trusted and skillful roofing contractor from Denton,TX – Reilly Roofing & Gutters .

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