Our town, Flower Mound

Flower Mound is located in North Texas near the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Also, near to a Grapevine Lake, it is a family oriented community that prides itself on maintaining a small town atmosphere while embracing and fostering a dynamic economic development environment. In 2012, Flower Mound was ranked at #8 as one of the Best Dallas Suburbs according to „D Magazine.“

In the 1840s, settlers used the site for religious camps and the area around Flower Mound was permanently inhabited in the 1850s. Today, Flower Mound is the largest town regarding population in Texas and it is also the only town with a population greater than 20, 000.

Flower Mound was named for a 12.5 acre hill which is approximately 50 feet in height. Location attracted early settlers and is often referred to as „The Mound“. There are many legends and stories concerning „The Mound“. It is believed that the „Flower Mound Presbyterian Church“ was the first to use officially the name in 1854. A.C. Greene, Texas’ eminent historian, believed that the hill received its name around the 1840s because of an unusual amount of wild flowers that grew on it. Today, only 1,000 acres remain of the original 20 million known as the Tall Grass Prairie. Early pioneer settlers used „The Mound“ primarily as a hay meadow, in wet springs wild flowers were conspicuously abundant. Mound Foundation has identified more than 175 species of wild flowers.

After experiencing unprecedented residential growth in the 1990’s, the Town is now actively promoting a burgeoning commercial development scene centered around the Lakeside Business District, which is located on the North Shore of Lake Grapevine, and the Denton reek District, located in I-35 West corridor. There are more than 50 colleges, universities and community colleges near Flower Mound. Flower Mound is also a master planned community, which means that there are a lot of recreational amenities such as more than 30 miles of multi-purpose trails, 680 acres of parkland, 11 miles of equestrian trails and 26 miles of unpaved hike and bike trails. It also has Tour 18 and Bridlewood Golf Courses and is ranked as one of the safest communities in Texas.

Due to the town’s proximity to DFW Airport and major highways, a number of businesses have moved some local operations to the town recently. There are two major areas of current economic development, one of them is the Lakeside Business District and the other one is the Denton Creek District. The best proof that the industry and economy are growing every day in Flower Mound is the fact that the town experienced job growth of almost 27% in the past 10 years.

A great number of people visits Flower Mound, TX every year to spend their vacation or to do business. After all, Flower Mound is a beautiful city with rich past and so many things to do and see and because of that, it is not that strange that so many people pass through our city every month and every year. All those people need a place to eat and sleep while they are visiting our town and there are so many choices when it comes to deciding on what hotel to sleep in.

Where to eat in Flower Mound

What we are planning to do here today is to try answer the lifelong question ”Where should we eat ou tonight?” There is a great selection of various restaurants in Flower Mound. Everyone can find something for himself whether they are up for some New York pizza, Mexican Food, farm fresh food of German bratwurst. Flower Mound has much to offer when it comes to restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty meal in the pleasant and intimate atmosphere with your loved ones or your better half. We will list some of our favorite places that we think you should visit.

As the town’s mission statement says it „ The vision of Flower Mound is to preserve our unique country atmosphere, heritage, and quality of life while cultivating a dynamic economic environment“, we at Reilly Roofing & Gutters are extraordinarily proud to offer our services to a community like this one and to be a part of a best town to live, work and play in Texas.

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