Interesting Facts About Denton – Parks and Playgrounds

It is possible that you are an outdoor person and would be interested to be taking your family out from time to time.
You will find safe playgrounds and parks where you and your family, including the young ones, can play, interact and have a perfect time.

Avondale Park, Playground, and Pavilion

You and your family will enjoy a game of basketball, soccer, football or rugby in one of the courts or pitches on this 17.85-acre park. Alternatively, you can have a family picnic while seated on the grass or benches or picnic tables. You can enjoy a drink at the drinking fountain, grilled beef, chicken or pork as different artists entertain you from the pavilion under security lighting. You can also play your family on a nearby swing set, play tennis at any one of the courts or even go hiking up the trail.

Bowling Green Park, Playground, and Community Garden

This 18-acre park and community garden is ideal for a family get-together, including the young ones, where you can play different games before sitting down to a sumptuous meal. You can also organize events such as garden weddings, receptions and birthday parties for friends and relatives.

Briarcliff Park, Playground, and Pavilion

If your family enjoys a game of basketball or soccer, the 9.62-acre park will come handy. If some members of your family or friends do not want to play, you can take a hike up a trail. You can then settle down for a drink and a meal as you catch up with family members or friends you have never met for long.

Carl Gene Young Sr. Park and Playground

Formerly known as Phoenix Park, the 9.8-acre is relatively small compared to others, but it is an excellent facility your family can have a fun day. Here you can divide yourselves into teams or invite your friends to form teams and then engage in games before settling on the benches for a drink and a meal.

Cross Timbers Park, Playground, and Pavilion

The 70.2-acre park offers you excellent facilities to enjoy a family fun day complete with bike racks, bridge, drinking fountains, grills, a pavilion or gazebo and picnic tables, pond and a trail. Have you ever engaged in a motorcycle riding competition with your friends to find out who will emerge the winner? You can utilize the park’s facilities to unwind and recharge after weeks or months of hard work, and if there is anything else you’d like to know about Denton, don’t hesitate to contact Reilly Roofing and Gutters, the first-class Denton, TX roofers.

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