Worn Slate Roofs – Repair or Replace?

Natural stone slate roofs are aesthetically pleasing while being long-lasting. These roofs are able to last for 80 to 100 years, but there are many that last much longer. The lifespan of your slate roof can be affected by a number of factors. The roof pitch, the quality of the slate and the weather conditions in your area will play a role. These factors will also affect the amount of maintenance that a slate roof needs.

Slate roofing Flower Mound, TX homeowners often wonder if their roof should continue to be repaired or if they should be replaced. Roofers often argue about when a slate roof will reach the end of its life. A roofer who specializes in asphalt shingles will feel that the roof needs to be replaced sooner than necessary.

A home inspector will often be able to provide a better analysis of the condition of your slate roof. However, inspectors will often lean toward the negative when assessing a slate roof. It is best to get an inspection from a qualified slate specialist as they will provide the most accurate assessment of the condition of your roof. If you want to start the determination, there are some ways that you can check your roof.

Are The Rows Straight?

Wavy and uneven rows or a large number of sliding slates is generally a sign that the nails in the roof are failing. This is also an indication that steel nails have been used. Over time, steel nails are going to rust and they will break allowing the slate to move. When your slate roof is in this condition, it is possible to still repair it. However, there will be a tipping point where slate sliding cannot be repaired any longer.

Is There Excessive Flaking Or Broken Slates?

Slate can flake for an amount of time without cause any problems. However, at some point, the flaking will thin the slate too much. This will cause the slate to become porous or to easily break in certain weather conditions.

If you have a lot of slate that is breaking at a diagonal angle, you will have ribbon slate. This is a lower quality slate which has a ribbon of mineral which weakens the stone. It is possible to spot this type of slate from the ground. It is important to note that this type of slate is not a bad thing because the quality of some ribbon slate can be better than others. However, at a certain point in the life of the roof, the slate is going to start to break down at a faster rate than normal. When this happens, it is time to consider replacement.

What Are Your Maintenance Costs?

The size of your roof, your location, the age of the roof and other factors will impact the cost of your yearly maintenance. If you have an older slate roof, several hundreds of dollars each year for maintenance will be normal. However, when this cost jumps to over a thousand dollars each year, you have to consider a replacement. The cost of the replacement may be better when compared to the cost of maintenance.

Slate is an expensive roofing material when it is compared to shingles, but the slate roof will last for much longer. Many people find these roofs to be more aesthetically pleasing and it will match a historic home better. If you want to keep your slate roofing Flower Mound TX, but find that the high cost of replacement is a hindrance, you can try a more cost-effective option. This is to replace the roof in phases with the worse side being done first.


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