Importance of Repairing Your Roof Immediately

The roof is one of the most important parts of a building – commercial or residential. It is the one, which shields the inside of the building from the weather elements. It is, therefore, likely to develop defects with the passage of time that would require fixing.
Fixing any such defects such as a leakage in time is one way of keeping the building strong. According to Reilly Roofing and Gutters, the number one roofing contractor in San Antonio, TX, you must fix the defect urgently because:

It Is Cheap

Repairing a small defect such as a leakage is easier and cheap. Failure to fix a leakage, for example, would see rainwater seeping through to your home’s ceiling. If still unattended to, the water would weaken the foundation and damage other parts of the roof. In no time, you will contend with a damaged roof. Instead of waiting for 20-50 years to change your roof, and, unlike the cost of fixing a simple leakage, you will have to spend a fortune to construct a new roof after about ten years.

Your Warranty

Manufacturers often offer a warranty to homeowners, which cover the ideal life span of the roof. They, however, do not offer an unlimited warranty. Even the limited warranty, however, comes with a raft of stringent terms and conditions and covers only the manufacturer’s defects.
Failure on your part-your negligence or lack of proper maintenance would see you losing the warranty on your roof. So, a simple repair of your leaking roof before it extends to destroy your entire roof would keep your roof’s warranty and extend its life.

Your House’s Lifespan

Defects on your roof can negatively affect other vital parts of your home such as its ventilation, heating, and cooling system. The negligible leak would become a bigger leak, damage the attic insulation, and electronics. This way, it would interfere with your home, including its quality of indoor air, create a fertile environment for molds and mildew to grow, and make your house smelly. The increase in moisture can mean potential wall cracks and peeling paint. Worse still, not repairing storm damage would leave your home’s entire structure weakened so much so that the next rounds of storms would bring the entire house down. Attending to the defects early in their development would save you a fortune.

Your Home’s Value

Repairing defects in time would not only extend your home’s value; it would enhance its appearance and boost its value in case you decide to sell it or use it as collateral for a bank loan or mortgage. This is because any potential buyer or financier would inspect it with toothcomb precision before paying or giving you a loan. So, that simple repair of a leaking roof would be the difference between you and thousands of dollars in the form of a selling price or bank loan.
You, therefore, should never postpone your roof repair indefinitely. A regular do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) roof inspection would help you not only detect the defects early but also initiate measures to fix the defects because they grow to require expensive works to repair them. If you want a professional to take a look, give us a call at Reilly Roofing and Gutters, a roofing company in San Antonio, Texas, and we’ll give you a free inspection.

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