What happens to your commercial roofing system when it encounters high winds?

The worst nightmare of any business owner is the high, strong winds pounding the roofing system, altering the ballast and tearing off the membrane from the roofing system deck. Mother nature doesn’t care. We know that you can’t control the wind, but you can lower the hazard of damage from common wind speed in your area. It is not easy to protect your roof from strong wind that can pull, push and tear of your roofing material. Risk level to the roofing system depends on various things such as the location of the building, the age of the roofing system, what type of roofing material and system is inquestion and whether or not it was properly and regularly maintained since it was installed.

What is happening to your roof?

Commonly, roofing systems tend to get damaged in the event of the high. Cause for this is the negative pressure that builds around the roofing system perimeter and that leads to wind uplift. When strong winds collide with your building and roll over a wall, they generate significant force that can pull off the roofing system edge near the membrane and flashing. Negative force in the area depends on the speed of the wind. Higher the speed, greater the force.Roofing damage from the wind is usually progressive and, over time, as the roofing system absorbs the pounding, ballast can be shifted and the membrane can get loosened. Every next high wind is even more likely to damage your roofing system.

Debris damage

Roofing systems wit low slopes should be able to withstand frequent wind speeds, but it is almost nearly impossible to claim that they will withstand tornado winds that usually generate speeds over 100 mph without even trying. Winds that can lift up debris are dangerous and destructive enough to pummel glass shards or tree limbs through the roofing material. Even the winds that blow in a „straight line“ can lift some debris on top of your roofing system that can penetrate or weaken or damage your commercial roof. Walking around your building to check for damages after wind storm is not enough to determine whether or not your roofing system is corrupted. It usually takes full detailed roofing inspection to ensure that your roof is intact.

What to consider during the installation?

If your business is located in the region that is prone to high winds, your roofing system should be designed to sustain all those events. Opting for a wrong roofing system or improper installation can add to the chances of a roofing system failure during those high wind events. If the speed of the wind is higher than the maximum speed level for that roofing system type or if your roof is not installed propperly don’t count on manufacturers warranty because they will not approve it.

Minimize the risk

There are few ways you can minimize the possible risk of roofing system failure when it comes to high wind. You can have the complete roof inspected and repaired every time after major wind storm passes. By embracing a regular inspection and maintenance plan, you can be sure that your roof will withstand anything Mother Nature decides to throw at it, your trusted local roofing company Reilly Roofing and Gutters from Denton, TX guarantees that.

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