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  • Having clean gutters can protect your home
  • Copper, aluminum, steel and integrated

When you take a quick glance at your home, the first thing you notice is its roof. The roof is a number one thing that isolates you and your family from the outside factors, so it is in everyone’s interest to have the best functioning roof as possible. Even though the majority of people thinks the roofing system is simply a bunch of tiles or panels put on the house- it is much more. This system consists out of multiple factors that, combined, deliver safety to your home.  One of those factors is rain gutters. Rain gutters are channels that serve to drain any excess water that lands on your roof. Their primary purpose is to keep the roof surface dry which in the end means keeping the interior dry as well.

Having a functional roof means, before anything, having well-working gutters. Gutters are not difficult to install, and many homeowners opt for a do-it-yourself- installation. However, what is tricky about them is maintenance.  The foundation of all maintenance procedures is cleaning. Cleaning your drains does not have to be as tiring as you imagine it to be. Follow our latest tips, and your gutters will be squeaky clean!


Cleaning can also be done by a professional, which is always a recommendation, but few people go for that option. Instead of getting you to hire someone, we want to raise awareness of your own safety. Cleaning gutters has to be done on the ladder, so you have to be extra-cautious. The right choice of the ladder will make everything go smoother. Pick a four-legged wide step ladder in good condition. This way you’ll also be much faster.


Good old hands are always useful, and you can pull out the most stubborn branches with them. However, you might also get some scratches in the process. So, why not use a garden hose?  It is the most majestic tool for cleaning debris and leaves leftovers, and you can easily adjust the water pressure for more power.


For gutter detailing, for –cleaning-to-perfection combine the power of garden hose with the simplicity of gutter scoop. Scooping is how you get rid of big pieces you can’t wash away with a hose, and they are too sharp for grabbing by hands. Use plastic scooping tool so you wouldn’t accidentally scratch your gutters.


To clean efficiently, you need to have your mobility. And you can’t have your mobility if you are constantly careful of your steps, of your hands, of your eyes, etc.  Even though cleaning isn’t a dangerous activity,  you can still injure yourself if you don’t prepare. Use gloves for protecting your hands from any unwanted cuts or bacteria. You will clean your way through the gutters faster with gloves, and you won’t have to touch dirty surfaces.  Use appropriate shoes for best stability and of course protect your eyes from any dirt that may hurt them.

Cleaning your drains doesn’t have to time-consuming. Pick a specified date each year when you can dedicate 30 minutes to your roof and its functionality. Clean gutters mean longer-lasting and better-performing roofing system.

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