The City of Denton, TX


Denton TX was first called Peters Colony, named after William S. Peters from Kentucky. William S. Peters obtained the land grant from the Texas Congress in the mid-1800’s.

In 1843, the Texas Legislature voted for the initial settlement, that was located in the southeast part of the county, to be renamed Denton County. Both the town and the county were named after the lawyer and preacher, John B. Denton. He was killed during a skirmish with the Kichai people in 1841, which took place in the area known today as Tarrant County.

Before Denton got the position of a county seat, other two towns stood selected as the county seat. They were the town of Alton and the town of Pinckneyville. However, Denton was proclaimed as the county seat in 1857. Short after, the commission named the first streets and laid out the city. Ten years later Denton was incorporated, and J.B. Sawyer was the first mayor.

As the city was developing and growing, it quickly became the hotspot and trade center for the cottage and mill industries. When the Texas and Pacific Railway came to Denton in 1881, it provided the city with its first railway connection, and it led to an influx of people moving into this area.

In 1890, North Texas Normal College got established, today this college is known as the University of North Texas. In 1903, the Girls’ Industrial College was founded, which is known today as the Texas Woman’s University in Denton. As both of these universities expanded, they had a major impact on Denton’s culture and economy.

In 1980, Denton’s population grew from 27, 000 residents to 48, 000 residents. The connection and proximity of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex through the I-35W and I-35E played a vital role in the city’s rapid growth.

Furthermore, when Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport opened in 1974, it gave people from all over the country better business opportunities in this area, which made moving to this town for work and starting a family more attractive.

Massive manufacturing companies such as Peterbilt and Victor Equipment Company arrived in Denton in 1980’s to joined older local manufacturers such as Morrison Milling Company and Moore Business Forms.

In the period from 1990 to 2000, the population grew from 66, 000 to 80, 000 residents.

Business and Economy

Over 20, 000 people, employed in Denton, either work in general retail sectors, manufacturing, or in the social, health and educational services. The largest employees are the Texas Woman’s uniUniversityhe Denton Independent School District, and the University of North Texas. They employ over 12, 000 people. The City of Denton employs around 1,400 people altogether.

Due to Denton’s authenticity and the many opportunities the city provides, many people and businesses are drawn to this town. Although Denton has a small town feel, the town commits to sustainability. The town offers diversity when it comes to employment choices and lifestyle.

Cultural Life and Arts

There is a significant number of attractions in Denton. The town is also home to a couple of annual cultural and artistic events which attract resident and people from all over the country.

The North Texas State Fair Rodeo is one of the longest-running annual festivals which goes way back to 1928. The goal of this rodeo fair is to promote the cowboy culture of Texas.

Another great event that takes place every year is the Denton Airshow, hosted by the Denton Municipal Airport since 1998. During this event, along with aerial demonstrations, one can also have a look at Airplane exhibits.

Denton can also take pride in the fact that it has the most extensive community garden in all of the United States. It is called Shiloh Field Community Garden, and it stretches across a 14.5 acres land.

Top Attractions

The fascinating history of Denton attracts many visitors. However, the town also offers an outstanding music scene, great shops, and a marvelous courthouse square. The historic Campus Theatre holds many shows, including film festivals, plays, and musicals.

The town also offers many recreational activities of which some can be found at the Ray Roberts Lake State Park, located north of Denton. Here you can go fishing, camping, hiking, swim at a beautiful beach or go kayaking down a scenic creek.  

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