Various Places And Things To Discover While Visiting In Denton, TX


Denton, Texas might be a college town who says goodbye to many of its students during the summer time as they return to their hometowns. But those who stay behind or those who decide to go for a visit in Denton, Texas, have yet much to discover. The interesting people and culture of Denton, TX are what brings the unique vibe to this town, while some of the top attractions bring in the visitors. However, various other places in Denton are worth the visit if you are looking for some fun and authenticity.

Your Denton roofing company has put together this small list of local spots that are worth visiting if you are planning the vacation or if you are just passing through Denton.

Center for the Visual Arts


If the art scene is something that interests you, then the Center for the Visual Arts in Denton is the place to visit, where you will be able to view works of art from local artists. This is a major art museum in Denton which displays only the best quality work of the locals. Denton’s Center for the Visual Arts arts has two large galleries, a sculpture garden as well as an art studio and dance rehearsal hall. Pay a visit to this art center to see some fantastic work and if you want to meet some exciting artist of this town.

Latana Golf Club


The Latana Golf Club is on a rolling hill just southeast from Denton, and it is considered to be one of the premier golf courses in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. It offers an 18 hole championship, and it does not matter if you are a beginner or seasoned player as this golf course is designed for all. Together with the excellent landscaping and natural beauty, a relaxing day at the golf course is all you need to help you unwind.

Experience Live Music in Denton


The music lover will love the nightlife in Denton, Tx because live music can be found around almost every corner. Bands will be playing on any given night at one of the many bars or concert venues in this town. Musicians come from Dallas/Fort Worth, and beyond to play to the crowd of Denton. Famous people like Norah Jones, Don Henley, and Jeff Coffin made use of the Denton music scene for good practice.

You can find anything from hip-hop to jazz in the clubs and bars of Denton. The location of Fry street is an excellent example of where you will find music that will suit your ears. Music festivals like the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival as well as the Denton Blues Festival are held in town each year, as well as other must-visit events that offer plenty of live music.

The North Texas Horse Country Tour


In Denton, you can find over 400 horse farms and ranches, which makes Denton the place that is one of the most significant concentrations of horse farms worldwide. Here you will come across just about any breed you can think of. Denton offers a North Texas horse country Tour which will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how horse ranching works. This tour only takes place six times a year, where you will be taken to two premier horse ranches to learn more about this equine industry.

The Denton County Brewing Company


If you are looking to have a fun, relaxing time with some friends, then several places in Denton offers an impressive selection of beers on tap, as well as a wide variety of bourbon, scotch, and whiskey. The Denton County Brewing Company can be found in town, where they have a range of house-brewed beers which includes stout and a Belgian quad flow, available from the taps. Here you can also savor their vast selection of foreign beers.

Craft beer from all around the Lone Star State can be found in several other places as well, like for example the Oak Street Drafthouse. So if you are a beer lover and you love the taste of a cold one in many flavors, then Denton is the place to be.

The Little Chapel in The Woods


One of the most outstanding architectural achievements in Texas is The Little Chapel in the Woods which is situated on the campus of the Texas Woman’s University in Denton. This chapel was built during the Great Depression in which over 300 students and faculty members of the University all gave a helping hand. In honor of the contribution of women in sciences, the arts, teaching, nursing, etc., the windows are named in respect of “Women ministering to Human Needs.”

This chapel still holds special services today, including weddings. The visiting hours are also generous, and it is open to everyone. It is probably possible to see it all within 30 minutes, but it is a fascinating architectural structure to visit if you need a moment’s solace, and while you are at it you can have a peaceful picnic under the majestic trees that surrounds this holy architecture.  

When visiting Denton, TX, you will have accessibility to plenty of recreational activities as well. Many of the top attractions in Denton is a must see, but do not forget about to connect with the locals. This lively college town and its people have plenty of fun to go around, and connecting with the people are the best way to access those authentic places and experience some local fun!

These six places are must-see if you are visiting Denton and area surrounding it. There are also many interesting family-friendly places in Denton that won’t leave you disappointed.

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