Best Places in Denton to Visit with Your Family

Denton, TX is a charming city where the entire family can experience a piece of Americana. With friendly and approachable local residents, and an array of cultural and historic attractions, as well as entertainment and fun things to do, Denton is a city you will love and enjoy.

To help you fully enjoy the beauty of this Texan city, Reilly Roofing – number one roofing company in Denton, TX – brings you a list of interesting places you can visit while staying in Denton with your family.

Bayless-Selby House Museum

Reading the history books you can learn and conceptualize what life in Denton and Texas looked like in the past. But by paying a visit to the Bayless-Selby House Museum you can, on the other hand, get a first-hand experience of the life in Denton, Texas in the 19th century.

The museum is located near the City Square in a house that was built in the Victorian style architecture and that is filled with specific ornaments of that time, decorated and furnished in Queen Anne style with numerous period-specific antiques. It is the first historic home museum of the city and the county, featuring many interesting historic exhibits.

This museum is an ideal learning place for your young ones to give life to what they learn in their history classes, for you to refresh your knowledge, and is all in all a great historic experience for the whole family.

Campus Theatre

Denton’s Campus Theatre is located in Downtown Denton, and it is a true piece of Denton’s history. It was built in order to further develop and promote the city’s culture, as well as to cater to the needs if the students at the Campus. It had welcomed moviegoers since 1949, when it first opened, until being closed in 1985.

In 1990 the Denton Community Theatre bought and renovated the Campus Theater, and it once again opened its door to the public in 1995. It is now a cultural institution and a venue for all performing arts organizations, from ballet and opera to film and theatre groups. They perform, put on different shows, as well as organize film festivals throughout the year, which people of all ages can enjoy, from the youngest to the oldest.

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

If you and your family are more active types, and are in search of some outdoor activities and spending more time in nature, Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center is the best place to take your family. It will be both a recreational as well as an educational opportunity for everyone.

The Heritage center spreads over nearly 3,000 acres, i.e. over more than 1,200 hectares, and consists of beautiful and diverse lands such as upland prairie, aquatic habitat, as well as a bottomland wooded forest where you can find Clear Creek and the Trinity River.

The entire family can enjoy watching the many different species of birds, as well as go hiking through almost eight miles of beautiful Denton nature trails, going through prairies, grasslands, wetlands, and bottomland hardwood forests.


Courthouse Museum-on-the-Square

What first catches the eye when it comes to the Courthouse Museum-on-the-Square, is the building itself. It is a beautiful piece of 19th century architecture with a sandstone façade, pink granite columns, and an astonishing clock tower on top of it. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this is one of the most photographed buildings in the state of Texas.

This is another historic site and a cultural attraction where you can experience the history of Denton from the time of its first settlement. It is a former courthouse, whose construction was completed in 1896, but that was later extensively damaged by lighting. It was, however, renovated more than a century later, in 2004, based on the original blueprints of the building.

Today, you and your family can marvel at the numerous exhibits representing the history of Denton County and its heritage, as well as go on a tour of the historic courtroom or listen to some interesting lectures by local historians.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Ray Roberts Lake Skate Park is a great place that has everything a family would want and need for an outing, a picnic, or even to spend a whole day there. It has enough activities and amenities to keep you occupied all day, and you will not want to leave it. And you don’t have to, because you can also bring a tent and camp under the stars.

Apart from camping, there are beautiful beaches where you can swim, a picturesque creek where you can go kayaking, and many docks where you can go fishing. There are 20 miles of different trails where you can go walking, hiking or biking, a marina where you can rent boats, and numerous parks for children.


Relax and Enjoy Denton!

Whichever of these, and many other attractions you choose to visit, you will find that both you and your kids will enjoy it greatly. From the nature and the outdoor activities, to some cultural and educational experiences, there is something for everyone in Denton, TX, and we don’t doubt that you will be satisfied.

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