All about Flower Mound

Flower Mound was named after a hill which attracted settlers to that particular spot. That place is often referred to as just ”Mound”. During the blooming season, Hill becomes covered by various flowers that grow in that area. The Story of Flower Mound, Texas goes way back to 1840s when Presbyterians established a settlement in the area around Flower Mound. It is located some 20 miles northwest of Dallas and around 25 miles northeast of Fort Worth near the border between Tarrant and Denton Counties even though some areas are extending into Tarrant County. Around the 1850s, Flower Mound Presbyterian Church was established just southwest of the are which was called ”Long Prarie” near Lewisville. In early 20th century church had around 120 members and the building was expanded.  One of the most reputable settlers were David Kirkpatrick and Andrew Morriss.

On February 25, 1961, the Flower Mound cast a vote to incorporate so they wouldn’t get annexed by the city of Irving. The town’s second mayor, William Wilkerson helped in improving town’s water supply, phone service and he was leading the incorporation effort. In 1970s population of Flower Mound was little over 1, 500 residents and that was the time when Raymond Nasher and Edward S. Marcus began working on their plan to make a Flower Mound planned community. They have received $18 million from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development via their New Community program. The project was called ”Flower Mound New Town” and it included elements similar to the other new town movements. That project failed in 1976. Since 1981, Flower Mound has been a home rule municipality. From 1989, it has operated under a manager-council type of the government. Town of Flower Mound is the biggest town in the state of Texas when it comes to some residents. It is an only town with a population that exceeds 20, 000 people living in it. Because the smart growth urban planning system was utilized in Flower Mound, the city is experiencing rapid industrial growth which is needed to satisfy and match the needs of the residents. D Magazine proclaimed Flower Mound as the #8 Best Dallas Suburb back in 2012.

Economy and business

Because the Flower Mound is located close to major highways and DFW Airport, it resulted in a significant number of businesses moving in the town to operate from there. Some of them are Stryker Communications and Best buy. The largest employer in Flower Mound is a Lewisville Independent School District, which employees almost 1,700 people. In almost a decade town experienced a job growth of 27%. There are two major areas where most of the economic development is happening. Those two sectors are Denton Creek District and Business District.

Parks and Recreation

There are 54 public park and leisure facilities sprawled over 693 acres. Nine of those institutions are undeveloped, and they are comprising around 70 acres of area. The town of Flower Mound opened community activity center worth almost $14 million dollars back in 2008. Activity center includes a day care facility, meeting rooms, 30×30 competition indoor pool, outdoor pool, and weight lifting equipment. It was built in honor of Lance Corporal Jacob Lugo. He was the first serviceman from Flower Mound that died in the line of duty. In 2008, Hilltop Park was renamed to Jake’s Hilltop Park.During the 1970’s Flower Mound residents responded to environmental concerns and congestion caused by automobile traffic by proposing for the addition of recreational bike paths around the town. By the beginning of 1990’s first 1.3 miles of multi-use trails were made. Today, there are more than 33 miles of paved cycling and hiking paths and about 2 miles of equestrian trails.

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