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Irving was founded in 1903 by men called Otis Brown and  J.O. ”Otto” Schulze. It is commonly believed that the townsite got the name after the literary author Washington Irving because he was a favorite author of Netta Barcus Brown. Irving started out as an area called Garbit in 1889. It was later renamed to Kit in 1894. After Irving was incorporated in 1914, one of the founders, Otis Brown, became the first mayor. At that time, Irving was the site of two cotton gins, a general store, churches, and a blacksmith shop. Public school system goes way back to 1909. First were Lively and Kit schools. Population growth was slow and sometimes almost non-existent with a population of 350 residents in 1925. The first significant population increase began during the 1930s. By the 1960’s Irving had a population of about 45, 000 residents. Various manufacturing plants operated within Irving together with financial, retail and transportation In 1956 the University of Dallas opened in Irving and 1971 Texas Stadium, the home field of the Dallas Cowboys, was completed. Today, Irving has a population of almost 230, 000 residents. Today, Irving’s biggest employer is the hospitality industry which consists of local hoteliers that employ over 14, 000 people. The hospitality industry is important for Irving because it pays almost $48 million every year in motel and hotel tax, property tax and sales tax. The city also generates around $1,25 billion in visitor spending since every year almost 3 million people visit the city. The first convention center in Irving opened in 2011 in Las Colinas. With its high-end finishes and iconic design, the 275, 000 square foot and $133 million Irving Convention Center takes a new direction when it comes to looking and landscape of the traditional institutional facilities. That same Las Colinas development consists of a 12, 000-acre master-planned residential and the business community. Las Colinas is home to more than 10, 000 companies and it has a taxable base greater than $5 billion. 50 Fortune 500 companies are operating there, and 6 of them have their headquarters located there also.  Over 100, 000 people work at Las Colinas development and over 30, 000 people reside in that area. Today, a population of Irving, TX is over 200, 000 residents. The city has a steady projected growth because of the continual development and construction within the city’s area. Irving can also pride itself on being one of the state’s most stable and healthiest economy as well as one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas. The city of Irving is also located in the perfect spot, at a central location of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Because of a location like that one, visitors are often because access to entertainment, accommodation, transportation and dining is easy in Irving.   With all that being said about our city of Irving, we can only state that we at Reilly Roofing are extremely proud for being a part of a community like this one and that it is an honor that we can provide you with our roofing services. If your home or business requires any roofing service performed at an unrivaled quality and high precision carried out by a skilled and experienced crew, we are your company. Call your favorite Irving, TX roofing company if your roof or gutters require repairs or replacement or if you any concerns or questions about insurance claims.

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