Interesting Facts About Irving

You and your family will not have a dull life in Irving, TX, which is a Texas City just northwest of Dallas.
This is because there are many things that will keep you excited all year round, be it dining, sports or entertainment.
You have an array of entertainment activities and joint from which to pick on what to keep your family busy throughout the year.

Here are the samples:

Irving’s Big Shots

You are moving into a city where big money already resides. The Irving area is home to some of the Fortune 500 companies such as Exxon Mobile. This means if you have the requisite skills and experience, you could land a well-paying job or if you are an entrepreneur, you may get a supply contract or customers for your goods and or services.

Loves for Partying

The hardworking people of Irving unwind by partying after a hard day’s work. They have a broad range of festivals spread across the year. You and your family will enjoy the International Concert Series is the summers, the Irving Main Street Event in fall, and then watch the splendor of tree lighting combo Holiday Extravaganza.

Paddling to Work

Irving is blessed with a good number of lakes and rivers, which meander through and around the city. Many residents use water transport to work as opposed to cycling and driving as most developed cities around the world do. It is time to re-examine your mode of transportation.

Eating Out

Residents of Irving enjoy having their drinks and meals outdoors. There are annual events where they gather at certain locations to enjoy the diverse cuisines. Be ready to join the party.

Golf Course

The city hosts a major golf tournament, the HP Byron Nelson Championship, in May at the Four Seasons Resort in Las Colinas and big hitters congregate in Irving. Be on the lookout you may spot one or more of the world’s global golf stars.

School Games

High school sports, be it football, baseball or hockey, is a major attraction in Irving. The residents go wild as they cheer their teams so be ready for some of the wildest screaming you would have heard ever.

Ladies Sports

Irving is also the host of the Body Bar Women’s National Championship, a wrestling contest that honors the best Hit-Girls each spring. Most Irving girls have taken with gusto to the fight sport.

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