Places you should visit and dine at in Irving, Texas

Everyone has been in the situation when they couldn’t decide on a place where to eat out, and that is not that uncommon. People can get indecisive when there are various choices available to pick from. Irving has to offer numerous great places for eating out with your friends and family just like any other town in the United States. If you ever find yourself visiting or passing through Irving, TX we took our liberty to list some of our favorite places to make your decision making the process at least a little easier.

The Blue Fish Las Colinas

The Blue Fish Las Colinas is a Japanese restaurant located in North Irving at 925 W John West Carpenter Fwy, Unit 100, Irving, TX. This place offers takeout, and it features a full bar, cocktails, lunch menu, outdoor seating and it is kid-friendly. In addition to all of that, they are known for their Happy Hour Menu. If you wish to try some excellent Japanese food in the middle of Texas than this place might just be right for you. Make sure that you try their Mega Lobster Menu; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Bombay Sizzlers

Bombay Sizzlers is a casual dining place that offers seafood and Pakistani and Indian cuisines, It is located in North Irving at 397 E Las Colinas Boulevard, Unit 180 in Irving, TX. If you are up for some exotic and unordinary food, then head down to Bombay Sizzlers. They serve various delicious dishes such as Veggie Frankie Roll, Veg Spring Roll, Veggie Chinese Bhel, Vegio Lollipop and much more. They offer to take out, outdoor seating and they are a kid-friendly place.

Cavalli Pizza

This Italian pizzeria is located at 3601 Regent Boulevard, Unit 115 in Irving, TX. There you can enjoy some delicious pizza in a real Italian restaurant. They offer takeout, outdoor seating, BYOB and they are a kid-friendly place. So, if you are up for some tasty pizza, Cavalli Pizza should be your destination.

Terra Mediterranean Grill

This casual dining place is located in North Irving at 54910 N McArthur Boulevard. There you can taste the flavors of the rich Mediterranean cuisine in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. There are some great dishes on their menu such as Zattar Bread, Feta Cheese Bread, Hummus, Grape Leaves, Baba Ghanouj, Hummus with Lamb &Pine Nuts, and so much more. This dining place offers takeout, outdoor seating; they serve halal, and they are vegetarian-friendly. If you ever wish to try some authentic Mediterranean food make sure to stop by at Terra Mediterranean Grill.

These are just some of the places that serve great food in Irving, TX. Naming them all would take us much time, and you would be left with numerous choices. If you ever decide to visit Irving, these three places should be on top of your list of locations where should you eat.

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