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A coating substance is usually the very last layer for nearly every kind of roofing material. These coatings might be composed of many different materials, such as acrylic, rubberized aluminum, asphalt, cement, rock, granules, polymers, polyurethane, and standard aluminum, among many more.  

  • Top Solution For Commercial Roofing Coatings

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

  • Alternative to Having Full Roof Replacements

Such coating usually proves to be really elastomeric and very durable. Elastomeric just means that material is quite elastic and will resume its original form and shape following an impact. In essence, it bounces back from branches, hailstones, or debris that falls onto a roof.

Roof coatings can actually be viable alternatives to having full replacements done too. In terms of financial costs, roof coatings cast roughly half what a full replacement would, and they can even include tax benefits. A roof coating can be treated as maintenance, which means it can be depreciated in the first year. Many commercial properties already have two different roofing layers. The majority of building codes don’t allow any roof to have more than two layers of thickness, and if this happens, then a coating of roofing Flower Mound, TX turns into an economically viable alternative.

Why Would You Have A Roof Coated?

Most roofing Flower Mound, TX are typically comprised of three or even more layers. They include a waterproof membrane, the insulation, the actual roofing material, and some sort of adhesive. You’d think that because of this that roofing material is tough enough. So, why would you bother having a coating added?

The Prevention Of Roof Degradation

The primary purpose behind a roof coating is the prevention of asphalt, foam, metal, or any other chosen roofing material from degrading because of weather or overall wear and tear. Basically, the proper coating might prevent having full replacements and add lifespan to your roof.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Coating any roof will also add to its SRI. A better Solar Reflective Index makes it more energy-efficient and will also upgrade its fire rating in terms of insurance purposes. The reflection of heat won’t just help a roofing material actually last longer, it’ll also provide great energy savings for residential and commercial property owners alike.

Coatings Are Keys To Maintenance

When a professional roofer talks about the maintenance of a roof, he or she is usually talking about refreshing the coating of roofing material. Adding in a new layer of some coating once in a while will prolong the life of the roof, protecting it more from damage and typically helping save on utility and energy costs.

Why Pick Reilly roofing?

We offer our quality community customers roof coating services. Be sure that you only work with roofing Flower Mound, TX professionals when you need this kind of work finished.

We offer a strategic plan which will consistently deliver you effective results. Roof coating projects dictate budgetary planning and they are also time-sensitive. Every roofing project is distinct, and we provide customized roofing solutions that fit the needs of every client.


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