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Fort Worth Roofing ~If you notice you have big water stains all across the ceilings or walls, the cause is, unfortunately, most probably a roof leak. The worst thing about roof leaks is detecting them; contrary to what you believe early, and small leaks are easy to fix, and you can do it by yourself. This article will explain how you can find leaks, where you should look for them, what are the common reasons etc.  We will try to teach you how to find leaks not how to fix them. Big leaks are something that a professional should deal with because the repair is complicated and we recommend not trying it out yourselves. If you notice a leak, don’t immediately think you have to replace your whole roof, there are big chances that you can fix it alone.

When you notice a detect a small, the best thing you could do is to repair it as soon as possible. Even if you are not worried about the looks, even if you were planning on replacing your roof anyway, fix it! Why? Because even the smallest leak can turn out to be problematic if not repaired right away. Mold, rotted sheathing, broken flashings, large, damaged ceilings- those are just some of the things that could appear in your home if you decide to ignore small leaks.

The first thing you should look when you are trying to track down a leak is to take your eyes uphill from the stains. The most often case is that objects penetrating roofs are not sealed properly.  What we mean by penetrations are plumbing and roof vents, flashings, dormers, chimneys and everything that is pushed through the surface of your roofing system.  The leak doesn’t always appear right next to the chimney or flashing; it can be placed away from it.

If you have the attic and the access to the attic, then lucky you. It is the easiest way to detect a leak so grab your flashlight and look for any evidence of a leak. Most promising ones are traces of mold and water stains on the walls. If you are not a lucky individual and do not have access to your roof, then be ready to grab the ladders

If by now you did not detect the problem, you should ask a member of your family to assist you with this procedure. Bring the hosepipe with yourself and climb on your rooftop. You should start soaking the area where you think a roof may appear. Soak flashings and object pushed through the roof first. You should soak it and not just splash it for one moment. In the meantime, your assistant should be in the house waiting for water to come in. It could take a few minutes for the water to start dripping so have some patience.  When your helper starts to yell, then you have probably detected the leak. Now it is time for you to fix it!

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