Fort Worth is known as the heart of the ranching history. It’s a city with a rich cultural heritage that shouldn’t be forgotten.  The beautiful art-deco buildings are here to remind us of the early days of Fort Worth’s success and to awake that proud Western heritage in every citizen of Fort Worth.

Brief History of Fort Worth

Fort Worth was established by Mexican-American War hero General William Jenkins Worth in 1849. His main purpose was protecting settler from Native American, so the name of the city isn’t surprising.

Since the Fort Worth had an excellent geographic location, his growth was undoubted. Fort Worth played important role in communication and transportation and earned a title of a prized livestock center. The city had a good reputation that isn’t forgotten by the Fort Worth citizens.

Fort Worth is proud to their aviation history, which dates back to World War I when the US Army established Aviation Camp Bowie and trained nearly 100,00 men in the Fort Worth. The evidence of this period can be seen in Fort Worth Aviation Museum (formerly the Veterans Memorial Air Park).

The doors to the world have opened even more when the oil was discovered in Texas. The Fort Worth as used the opportunity and established its own oil stock exchanges.

Fort Worth today

Fort Worth today is a center for higher education in Texas. Students can choose between various Universities (such as Texas Wesleyan University, University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, Texas Christian University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary).

With rich cultural heritage, it isn’t surprising that Fort Worth has many interesting museums, including one of the largest science museums in Southwest (Fort Worth Museum of Science and History), Modern Art Museum, Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Texas Civil War Museum, Vintage Flying Museum, National Cowgirl Museum and much more.

But the beauty of Fort Worth isn’t only in museums. Fort Worth has the oldest zoo in Texas and the beautiful Fort Worth Water Gardens. It’s like a jungle in the middle of the city.

To conclude…

Fort Worth is the city that has a lot to offer. From a rich cultural heritage to many exciting festivals and events that are celebrating Fort Worth’s history. But, as it’s already said, the buildings aren’t what creates the city, but the citizens are. And with such a great people, with big hearts and warm words for everyone, we are sure that Fort World growth is unstoppable.

We are proud to be serving such amazing community as this one in Fort Worth, Texas.

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