Is Metal Roofing The Best Roof Type For Residential Roofs?

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Metal roofing is relatively a new way of residential roofing for Ft. Worth roofing contractors. While it has been mostly used for commercial purposes, metal is new to homeowners as well as manufacturers.

There are a lot of good things that this roof brings and a lot of ways how you can benefit from it. We completely support you in a decision to roof your home with metal because it is a fantastic material with a lot of advantages.

You can save energy, help the environment and secure your home for many years to come. That is why they are more and more users across the United States and the world in general. However, we want to give you a full picture of metal roofing, and it is only fair to include the drawbacks it has.

There are not many of them, but we still want to make sure that you will make a good decision for your roofing. Drawback listed below can be solved with some additional care and patience but they are still drawbacks, and we have to include those as well. Without further complicating, we still think metal roofs are an ideal option for any area so do not be discouraged to install it!

Many people can’t afford it

Probably nine out of ten people will say that they refuse to install this roof because they just can’t afford it or think that it is too much money for one simple roof. Unfortunately, we completely understand because a metal roof can cost you around 200 dollars to 700 dollars per square. This is close to the price of premium roofing materials like slate, so people often think it is not worth the money.  While we believe that the price is high and agree with the fact that sometimes it is simply too much, we want you to try to keep in mind that metal is a material that will last you for a long time and it is high quality. The initial cost may be high but in the long run, it will all payback. So, our advice is: if you are not planning to move away from your current home, feel free to install it!


This depends on the person you are. If you love the sound of drumming then no problem. If you, on the other hand, absolutely despise drumming or in that case any noise, if you have a small baby at home or need complete silence to work, then this roof maybe a little too crazy for you. Many homeowners complain about the noise this roof makes. While a little rain tapping may be relaxing, imagine experiencing hailstorm with a metal roof. Yes, a nightmare. However, don’t quit yet because there is a solution to this problem. Simply call your contractor and he should install the material that has structural barriers. Barriers will act as noise isolators, and they should be fitted with sound deeding insulation or sheathing. While this may be an additional expense, it will be worth it.


Anything made from metal can dent in from psychical damage. It is simply a law of psychics, and there’s not much you can do.  This can be a big problem with your roof because extreme hail may damage it or animals may jump on it. You can minimize this by choosing the right metal for you. There are big differences in types of metal, so aluminum and copper are softer while steel is harder.

If you’re dealing with any kind of roof damage, or you just want to inspect your roof to make sure that everything is right, don’t hesitate to contact our owner. We will be glad to provide you with fast and accurate information and superior roofing service.

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