The sports scene in Fort Worth is really impressive. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get better condition or just exercise and hang out with people that share your interests, Fort Worth is there to answer the call. Throw a frisbee, run with your friends or jump on the trampoline. Choose your style and make your wishes come true.

If you’re an adult, ready for new challenges and sport-lover, you came to the right place. The sports scene in Fort Worth is strong and various. You can choose between many different options before you find the one that fits your needs. If you are not sure where should you go, think about your interests and you will find the right answer.

1. Throw a frisbee

If you like a frisbee, and you want to learn how to play it like a real professional, join the Ultimate Players Association in Fort Worth. Meet new people, have fun, play at the frisbee leagues and tournaments and enjoy in your new activity.

2.  Jump around and play dodgeball

Even though this may seem weird, it’s interesting. Go to the Urban Air Trampoline Park and play dodgeball.  Trampoline Dodgeball isn’t only interesting and entertaining, but it’s also great at burning those calories that you’ve eaten before the game. Go to the Urban Air Trampoline Park with your friends, or do it with yourself. Meet new people, have fun and enjoy this almost unique experience.

3. Play pickleball

Visit the R.D. Evans Community Center and play pickleball. If you are not sure what pickleball is – this is a great chance to get to know this wonderful sport. Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Warm up your biceps and challenge yourself, test your limits and enjoy the game.

4. Be the part of the team and play rugby

If you like this strategically coordinated sport, visit Fort Worth Rugby Club. Expel the negative energy, energize and learn how to play rugby like a pro. Make new friends and be an important part of the team. It doesn’t matter if you’re just the beginner or you’re already the expert, it’s important to play.

5. Don’t forget the soccer

One of the most loved sports in Texas certainly is soccer. If you want to learn to play it like a pro, join the Cowtown Soccer – Fort Worth Adult Soccer Association. Play soccer, meet your new best friends and have fun. Grab a bite after the game and develop a new strategy with your colleagues. And next week, the game will be yours.


These are only a few options for sports enthusiasts in Fort Worth. You can also choose between volleyball, basketball, and many other sports. Choose the one you like and get down on it. Be the part of the Fort Worth sports scene and keep your body and soul healthy.


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