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There is not really a material that is completely perfect. And the metal roof, unfortunately, is not an exception: it has advantages and disadvantages as well.  Before you go on and read this article, you have to realize that we truly believe that there is more good than bad when we talk about metal roofing.  Do your research and calculate would your profit or lose too much if you decide to implement a metal roof. On our website, there is a lot of articles that explain how incredible metal roof can be and how you can benefit from it, so be sure to check those as well before you decide to completely cross metal off your list. All the problems below are closely related to how good your contractor is and how well will he install the roof. So, let’s dive into the article instead of jumping around it.

Are you a drumming fan?

A simple question “Are you a fan of drumming?” can give you a very clear indication of what we are trying to say here.  If you are someone who can’t stand noise, especially the sound of tapping or drumming, then metal roofs may not be a perfect option for you.  While a little rain tapping should not be a problem, hailstorm will cause you to lose your mind. Luckily, there is a solution to his problem, and it’s a rather easy one. You should ask your contractor to fix this issue and he should install you structural barriers which will act as an isolator. Along with deeding sheathing or insulation, this should no more be a problem.  This whole undertake will probably take you some money, but it will be more than worth it.

Check your bank account

Most homeowners do not refuse the option of metal roofing because of noise but because of a high price. Unfortunately, this is quite accurate, metal roofs can cost a lot. The installation will cost your probably around 150 dollars to 700 dollars; it can depend on the size of your roof, type of material you want (copper, steel, zinc steel, aluminum, etc.).  Prices are close to those of premium materials like slate on example, so people think it is over the top.  However, while we do understand, we have to say that Metal roofs are durable, sustainable and energy efficient which means hat in the long term, you will be given your money back.  You will save on repairs, replacement, and bills, so when it is all combined, there is more money that you can save than lose.

Losing form

The metal roof is still just a metal and, like any object made from metal, it can dent in and lose the original form which can be a problem. If anything heavy falls on it, you can expect a denture. There is not a lot that you can do because it is a property any metal thing has. You can simply choose the best type of metal; on example, steel is stronger than aluminum or copper and secure your roof from fruit falling from the trees or big animals.

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