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If you are reading this article, then you probably already know that there are several causes of damage when it comes to your roof. However, weather conditions are the most prominent and problematic causes of damage since people still don’t recognize the importance of preparation. Roofing companies try to highlight the importance and strength of winter and snow over and over again. But somehow, one particular weather condition is always left out.; high winds and hurricanes. Winds can be devastating for your roofing system because of the power they possess. Snow and rain may cause a leak, a leak may be fixed, but winds can simply cause you to be roofless.  Luckily, if you think on time, you can avoid that from happening.  The wind can pull out the shingles and panels so if rain is added to that; you have a recipe for disaster. Not only that your roof will be missing shingles, but moisture and water will get inside your home because there is nothing to protect it. Things you may think that can’t cause problems (holes, scratches, etc.) need to be fixed right away because over time they will expand.

We don’t want to be pushy but don’t wait until the hurricane is already on its way. Spare yourself the stress and money. We are sure that you want your family to be safe and your belongings as well Good preparation can mean the world in that case. There are few simple measures that you can take to prevent having no roof over your head.  Since we care for our clients, we created this step to step guide on how to prepare and arm your roof against the Hurricanes. Before doing anything, you Roofer Contractor Fort Worth should have installed the roof properly and seal everything firmly. If that is not fulfilled, call someone to fix his mistake as soon as possible.  When you made sure that your roof is properly fitted, take a good look at your roof.

Step number one:

Carefully hop on your rooftop. Take a good look at the surface and search for signs of rusty and bald spots. If your shingles are looking old, worn out, cracked or gray, you should replace them immediately.  You can even do that by yourself if you want to, here is a whole guide on how to fix shingles on our website.

Step number two:

Remove the dry and overhanging branches from the trees above your roof (if any). Branches are mostly ignored by homeowners (because what can a branch do?). But even though they look innocent, they can cause tearing and let the water come through later.

Proper ventilation is a must. If you ignore improper ventilation,  you will have problems not just in the winter but the summer as well. If your roof is not properly vented and sealed, winds will easily pull the shingles out. You will spend a lot more time and money on repairing the damage than fixing the ventilation. That is why we recommend you to check your vent pipes and see if everything is okay.

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