Reilly Roofing & Gutters, Cheap Roof Repair, hail damage repair, Roofing Emergency Repairs, 24 Hour Emergency Roof Repair, 24 Hour Roof Repair, Emergency Roof Repair, San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Converse, Fair Oaks Ranch, Helotes, Kirby, Leon Valley, Live Oak, Universal City, Windcrest, Selma If you notice you huge water stains that run across the ceilings or walls, you are probably experiencing a water roof leak. Even though many of you think the opposite, small roof leaks can be fixed fast and easily and you can even do it yourself.

The more problematic thing about roof leaks is detecting them. In this article, we are going to try to explain to you how you can find leaks and where exactly to look for.

You can follow our other article which explains how to fix small damage and leaks. However, big leaks can only be repaired by a professional so we recommend you not to try alone. When you have successfully noticed and detected a leak, the thing you should do next is, repair it.

Even if the leak does not look very ugly and it is not exposed, you should not try to procrastinate. Leaving a leak without repair can ruin the entire inside of your home in the future and we are sure that you don’t want that. So, even the smallest leak can turn out to be problematic and complicated if not repaired and treated right away.  Some of the consequences of ignoring a small leak are mold, rotted sheathing, broken flashings, damaged ceilings and so on. If you do not know where to start from, we recommend looking uphill from the stains.  Statistics of our working staff show that the most often place and cause of a leak, are objects that are pushed through the roof and not sealed correctly and firmly. Penetrations of the roof include plumbing and roof vents, dormers, chimneys, nails, and others.

Penetrations include anything and everything that is pushed through the surface of your roofing system.  Keep in mind that the leak doesn’t always appear right next to the chimney or flashing you are looking at; it can be placed away from it, maybe even on the other corner of the roof. If you have the attic and the access to the attic then you will detect a roof leak much easier and faster. You should bring a flashlight and go upstairs to look for any proof of a leak. Signs you should open your eyes to are traces of mold and water stains on the walls.

Maybe there is even a recognizable smell of moisture. If you are not so lucky to have access to your attic, then you should grab the ladders and hop on your roof. To do this, you need help in the form of an assistant. This procedure can not go without help since someone will have to be inside the house when you are on the roof.  Carefully climb to the surface of the roof and bring the hosepipe with yourself. Start soaking the areas we previously mentioned could be a cause of leaking. Those are roof penetrations.  Don’t just splash it for a moment but rather soak it for a good few minutes because water takes a time to start dripping. While you are doing that your helper should be waiting to notice the leak.  We hope it was a successful search!

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