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As times are going by, the roofing industry is significantly changing as well.  It is such a shame that in the 21st century, a big number of companies are not implementing eco-friendly measures to their building and other aspects of work. We understand that business owners want to have a safe roof for their buildings or offices and that they do not want to risk the safety of their employees, documents, data, computers and other gadgets. However, big companies can make a significant difference in how the world acts. If they implemented one green measure, a lot of small businesses would follow and then homeowners would as well. The problem is that business owners still don’t trust the quality of eco-friendly products. But we are here to change that and to assure you how green roofing can be the best option for you. It offers you a reliable roofing system while also helping the planet.

Why is the green roof special?

A green roof is recognizable for its structure. It is a lot different than other roofing systems.  A majority of roofing types are solely installed on the base of the roof; the green roof has a deeper structural meaning. The most prominent property it has layers in the structure. There are several layers, and they have to be connected to each other. Every layer has to function properly for a roof to perform overall. Let’s start from the beginning; the first layer that is put on the base is a waterproof membrane. It guarantees you no leaks because it is not biodegradable.  The fabric has to be placed on top of it and it protects drainage system from getting damaged. The drainage system is crucial as it provides the vegetation with enough water to live but still takes care of the excess water on your roof. Another fabric has to be put on the draining system to prevent clogging it because of an engineered soil. This soil is what keeps the first layer, vegetation fresh.  What green roof offers

Now that you now how the green roofing works, it is time to introduce you to the benefits of the green roofing. Even though it is a big starting expense, this roofing system will save you a lot of money in the future. If your business is stable and you are not planning to stop running it, then this is the best roofing option for you.  Companies and commercial business deal with big expenses when it comes to heating or air conditioning simply because of the size of buildings. Your green roof will be of big help in that field. It acts as an isolator so your bills for air conditioning and heating the place should be way lower. You will only need to send someone to inspect the roof, but you will rarely need to pay for any repairs. A green roof is the best option for commercial building because it is durable and it keeps your staff safe. You will not have to replace it for at least 20 years. So, why not give this roofing a try? It will help both you and nature!

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