Reilly Roofing San Antonio provides you with the best San Antonio rain gutters.  As you know we use the best available materials and tools to give you quality gutters in San Antonio TX. However, there is a piece of the job that you are responsible for as well. The whole process of gutter installation San Antonio TX can be useless if you don’t take a proper care of your gutters. Many homeowners don’t understand the idea behind drains, and few people truly get the importance of having a gutter system. To simplify it for you: your roof is nothing without gutters. They take on a big amount of job which is collecting and leading water away from your home. Thanks to them, you can rest knowing your roof will not leak.

The most important step towards having functional drains and therefore functional roof is maintaining rain gutters. That, of course, involves inspecting them regularly and searching for any damage done by the rain or hail. Except for that, cleaning is one of the biggest aspects of successfully performing gutters. Luckily, you can clean the gutters on your own without a lot of effort, and we bring you the latest tips on how to do it.


If you decide to clean your gutters, you should know how to handle the ladder. Always let someone in the house know you are up there or even ask some to assist you. For someone who is not a professional, a four-legged step ladder is the best option. Make sure the ladder you are using is undamaged and in good condition. Not only that this is safe, but it will also make you faster.


Of course, your hands are always the best tool but why not use a garden hose? It is the perfect tool for cleaning the rest od debris and leaves that are clogging up your gutters. It will make the cleaning easier and quicker, especially if you can adjust the water pressure.


The best method for a complete cleaning is combining scooping tool with a garden hose. Scooping is the best for chunky pieces of leaves or branches. It is a better idea than using hands since you will not earn scratches and you will have to be less cautious. Plastic scooping tools allow you to scoop debris of any size. However, be careful not to use a metal scooping tool since you may damage your gutter system.


For efficient cleanup, you need to be prepared. The most important thing is to protect yourself. Cleaning the gutters isn’t adrenaline raising activity, but it can hurt you in a few ways. First of all, gloves are a must. Gloves serve to protect your hands from cuts but also from the bacteria that come from, on example, bird droppings. Secondly, protecting your eyes is inevitable for successful and safe cleanup.


After you are done with cleaning the gutters, make sure you unclog the downspouts. To check if the downspouts are clear and unclogged, run the water at high pressure down the downspout. If the water doesn’t make it down, you have something clogging it up.

As you can see, cleaning is not so simple, but it is also not that complicated that you procrastinate with it. We recommend annual cleanups and inspecting your gutter system after each big storm.

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